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WoW Boost (In-game help for World of Warcraft Shadowlands)

⠀ World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMO RPG games, with over one million players online daily (on the official servers only). The universe of this game dates back to the 90s of the last century, when a team of young ambitious developers founded their own dream company (Blizzard) and were taken by the idea of ​​creating the universe that took all the best from " The Lord of the Rings" by R.R. Tolkien and the game Dungeons and Dragons, which, it should be noted, they did it with a bang. And now World of Warcraft is the enormous open world, the most developed plot among all MMO RPGs, fascinating of its unique graphics, dozens of dungeons and raids, hundreds of locations, tens of thousands quests and items and even more difficulties. Despite the fact that there is "questhelper" for a new player (addon, which helps to complete other tasks), built-in guides for passing dungeons and raids, quest chains have become much less and chance of dropping quest items has increased - every day thousands of newcomers quit the game without knowing what to start and how to become a really strong player. And that’s where we come in! The purpose of our service is to allow any player maximize their skills and get a complete immersion in the game! ⠀


WoW is already 16 years and what has not happened during this time in the game universe: the Horde, together with the Alliance, participated in the battle against ancient gods, then met a cataclysm, Pandaria and so on. What's happening in the new addition? Now, the evil Sylvanas defeated Bolvar, who has replaced Arthas and assumed the burden of the Lich King's throne, shattered his Helm of Dominance by opening a portal to Shadowlands. So, Shadowlands is like a purgatory, a place where dead souls are judged by their earthly deeds. These are some of the most beautiful places in this game. Each of these locations can be accessed from the stronghold (Oribos). The game has a new mechanic - covenants. Each covenant has its own story and is not suitable for all classes; besides that, covenants can be divided into PVP and PVE, which significantly increased the playability of a storyline in the addition. Moreover, you can get additional class or covenant bonuses. Talent tree is available for development at once in its entirety, but its lines open gradually along with the increase in covenant fame and talents themselves, of which there is a wide variety, need to be discovered on their own and added in The Forge of Souls. They are given as a reward for certain quests, completing local quests or dropped from bosses. The main thing of Shadowlands is the Maw location and Torghast tower. The Maw is far from an ordinary location; it is really difficult. It has its own rules:
  • you cannot use Mount, unless you can capture Mount from special NPCs or if you play as a druid, do not forget appearance of a deer;
  • you will lose part of your earned resources at death;
  • the eye of Jailer, in its mechanics is a very similar to stars in GTA. The world around you reacts to our actions - the more elite monsters you kill and complete tasks, the more noticeable you become for the main antagonist, and after twenty minutes, carried out in the Maw, you will be hunted by really dangerous service of the Jailer.
Due to this, the Maw becomes not just a new location, but a real refuge for the antagonist, where one must be careful. In the Maw there is an entrance to another addon innovation - Torghast tower, which is a set of randomly generated rooms with enemies, that can be passed either alone or in a group. Each subsequent room has a higher difficulty of enemies, and in order to advance further, you need search each floor for new additional talents, designed specifically for the player's class. ⠀


To improve a level of the character and item-level, the player will have to meet a lot of difficulties, that will be hard to deal with it alone. The player has two choices of this situation: to find a community (guild), which will help him (that’s not necessarily) or contact us. ⠀


Raids in World of Warcraft are PVE events for a large number of players, where a decisive factor is not a skill of one player, but the ability to play in a team and think strategically. In raids, you can get items of the maximum level, mounts and achievements. During its existence, the games have evolved a number of changes and now are divided into next types:
  • Raid Finder (LFR). The easiest way to find players to complete the raid. In order to find with whom, you will pass the raid, it is enough to start search from the base interface and within half an hour (for tanks and heals it will be faster), a team is coming.
  • Normal - passing the raid on the normal (medium) level of complexity. The standard search will not work here and you need cooperate on your own with other players before going into the raid.
  • Heroic level of complexity (Heroic) - higher difficulty level. The number of players is from 10 to 40, the fewer players - the less battle mechanic and number of bosses’ hp.
  • Mythic - mythical level of complexity. All players not only have to cooperate on their own, but also located on the same server. The difficulty of the raid does not depend on the number of players and is designed for twenty raiders.
  • Timewalking - time travel. When a new addon is released, all previous raids become irrelevant. Blizzard has improved the playability of older raids by starting of this mode. It is started via LFR interface and the item level is relevant to addon that a raider is currently playing on. ⠀


Dungeons is a game mode, designed for a group of 5 players, the goal of which is to destroy enemies and bosses, as a reward for this, players receive equipment, reputation, currency, quest items and other useful items. The mode includes levels of complexity such as: normal, heroic, mythic and mythic +. Mythic + is Dungeon challenge mode, which are designed to make Dungeon endlessly difficult. In this game mode, there is a timer, which, if Dungeon is successfully cleared in the time available, increases a level of the key (next challenge), or, on the contrary, decreases it. Scaling of enemy’s characteristics depends on a level of the key: than better the key, the stronger mobs. ⠀


PvP (Player vs Player) – skirmish mode, focused on battles with players or enemy members of the opposite fraction. There are several types of PvP battles:
  • PvP in the open world - such battle has only one type of reward - honor points. The player, who is defeated, does not lose anything.
  • Duels is entertaining battle mode without any rewards and provides the opportunity to get a couple of achievements.
  • Arena is a game mode in which players either lose or earn rating points. Battles are fought 2x2 or 3x3. For rating points, there is an opportunity to buy higher-quality equipment or improve old ones. After reaching a rating of 2400+ points and completing 50 games, a player will receive the title "Gladiator" and unique mount or other useful rewards.
  • Battleground is a game mode like Arena, but has a couple of differences, battles are both 15x15 and 40x40, and the goal is to dominate points, flags or resources and not to kill enemies. The mode is divided into rating and competitive. ⠀


Leveling is a process of increasing the level of a character. Leveling changes character’s attributes and improves or unlocks new skills. Levels of the character increase by means of earned experience, which accrues to killing monsters, enemies, mining resources or completing quests. Leveling is the first task, with which a player faces, on the way to high-level content and something that no player can do without. Now leveling has changed, for example, from level 10, a player is presented with a choice of addon in which he will continue leveling in order to study history of the past addon and not move far across the continents. All quests are adaptor with a player's level, which allows qeusts to be relevant throughout the entire leveling. The developers also changed the maximum level from 120 to 60, while squish all characteristics and numbers. ⠀


Farm or grind is a game mechanic, aimed at collecting experience points and in-game resources, needed to upgrade a player's equipment. You can grind resources in various ways, such as:
  • cleanup of dungeons;
  • daily completing of World Quests;
  • completing of daily tasks;
  • completing of weekly tasks;
  • endless attempts to get a mount;
  • collection of ore, signs, or any currency.
It is worth mentioning that grind is a boring, rather lengthy and equally important aspect of the game. ⠀


Armor and weapons are the main items that characterize parameters of the character, especially at the maximum level. How do I get items?
  • Items fall from killed monsters. The higher monster's difficulty, the greater your chance of dropped rarer and more powerful item.
  • The item can be obtained from the artisan (or made by yourself, if the skill in your profession is appropriate).
  • You can buy an item at auction or directly from a seller.
  • You can receive as a reward for completing a quest or quest chain.
Rare items often make up a set and are collected from several parts. If a character is equipped with such items, he can receive additional bonuses to his characteristics. ⠀


There are over 800 mounts (animals and riding items) in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Mounts themselves do not have any combat characteristics and differ only in rarity and movement speed. You should understand that declared speed of the mount does not mean that after such purchase it will immediately begin to move as quickly as possible - it all depends on the player's learned skills. Mounts can be bought, dropped from defeated monsters, or made (professions). There are also quest chains that, upon completion, give a rare mount or achievement. ⠀


Battle Pets in World of Warcraft is a fun mini-game that first appeared in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. The essence of Battle Pets is that players gather a kind of "Pokemon" around the world, collect them, participate in battles with NPCs and with each other. Pets, like items, are characterized by their prevalence (rarity): gray “low”, white “common”, green “unusual” or blue “rare”.