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World of Warcraft - legendary MMORPG, with a multimillion audience and a history of more than 17 years, the most interesting and exciting gaming systems. I'm talking about content systems for more than ten players and content for groups of five. We will talk about the content system for five people, namely the Dungeon system.


Dungeons are one of the most important aspects of playing at the maximum level. This is a fun and exciting adventure in which 5 people are participating: a tank, a healer and three fighters. As a result of the passage of dungeon, players receive quality items of equipment and occasionally unique rewards: mounts and pets.


Currently, there are several levels of dungeon difficulty:
  • Normal - this is the simplest difficulty of dungeons, all enemies have the lowest health, the minimum number of skills and mechanics on bosses are not able to kill the whole team at once. Normal dungeons are available from level 50 and are mainly used to leveling the character. At the maximum level, it allows you to dress up the character if the current equipment would not permit you to go to dungeons of a higher, heroic level of difficulty. In normal difficulty, equipment is available up to item level 184.
  • Heroic - this dungeon difficulty was introduced in the 2nd add-on of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Enemies have become stronger there, the mechanics of bosses have become more complicated, but loot from it became better quality, which motivated all players to go through these dungeons. In The Burning Crusade, Heroic Dungeons were used to collect initial raid gear. There is improved loot quality in these dungeons, so obtaining it can make it easier to advance to the next level of difficulty. Access to heroic dungeons opens at the maximum character level, here you can get equipment of level 197 items. You can also boost your reputation level of factions, corresponding to dungeons.
  • Mythic - this difficulty has appeared much later than heroic, namely in addon of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. Equipment in these dungeons has become comparable in strength to raid equipment, bosses have new skills that can really kill your group, which makes defeating the enemy really epic! Mythic difficulty also unlocks upon reaching the maximum level of the character, but in order for the passage of this dungeon to be successful, the character must be sufficiently well dressed. As a reward from slain bosses, 210 equipment drops out, as well as anima guides – items, which are necessary to strengthen your character.


We have listed the main difficulties of dungeons that exist at the moment, but developers did not stop and 2 new types of content appeared in addon of World of Warcraft: Legion – Mega Dungeons and Mythic Dungeons, opened with a mythic key. Mythic + are the most difficult, but also the most interesting dungeons to absorb. This type of dungeon first appeared in the game in the Legion addon. Features of these dungeons:
  • You need so-called key to pass these dungeons - an item that opens access to a certain level of difficulty (denoted by a number: +2, + 3 ... + 15 and higher) of a particular dungeon. This key must be at least one player in the group. The higher the key, the greater the difficulty of the dungeon, the higher the level of equipment items and the higher player's PVE rating.
  • Players must already have serious experience in the game to pass dungeons of Mythic + level, know well all rules for passing a particular dungeon, the team must work closely together and clearly.
  • At the Mythic + level, so-called affixes appear - modifications of dungeons in the form of particular fight or strengthening for dungeon bosses. The first affix appears on the 2+ key, the second is added on 4+, the third on 7+, and the fourth is added on 10+. Thus, starting with 10+ keys, all 4 affixes are present in the dungeon. Affixes change every week, making it harder for inexperienced players to complete already difficult dungeons.
  • The speed of passage of the dungeon is a very important. The faster a group of players finishes the passage, the better the PVE rating will be, the higher the level of the key each player in the group will receive. If the group does not meet the required timer, the level of the key that the player receives in the dungeon will be lower than the current one.
  • At the end of the week, each player, who has completed Mythic + dungeon will receive the additional reward in a form of a high-level item, which you can get in the Great Vault in Oribos.
Mega Dungeons - since the Legion add-on, so-called Mega Dungeons have appeared in the game. The first Mega-Dungeon is Return to Karazhan, a reworking of the raid from World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade and a wave of nostalgia for players. After all, already familiar scenery, stories, and bosses have acquired new abilities, have become much more attractive and aggressive! In Battle for Azeroth, Mega Dungeon Mechagon was added.      Mega Dungeon Tetzaveh the Veiled Market was added to Shadowldands. In patch 9.1, it is only available on Mythic difficulty. In patch 9.2 will add Mythic +.


Dungeons in Shadowlands differ from Dungeons in previous addons, with a lot of skills and mechanics that require a well-coordinated team. Also, the need for precise knowledge of what to do - at what moment. The success and quality of your passage directly depends on this. The enemies have become more difficult, and fight with them is much more interesting. Each dungeon has its own prerequisites and its own interesting story.

Dungeons in Bastion:

  • Spiers of Ascension - one of dungeons that requires character level 60 to open. This dungeon is part of the history of the Kiriy covenant, and everyone who chose their path for themselves knows the last boss - David, the main character of the opening commercial of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Uther. We will defeat Trial of Loyalty in the past, and now the Hand of Doubt, when she is ready to kill the great Archon Bastion.
  • The Necrotic Wake is a dungeon, the plot of which is available for passing from the 48th level. In addition to internal problems, Bastion is being attacked by traitors of the Necrolord covenant. In the dungeon, you will fight with many undead creatures, necromancers, abominable stitching and the final boss at the top of the necropolis will be the lich, who will cause a lot of trouble for the characters, causing damage by constantly sending them to the lower floors of the necropolis.

Dungeons in Maldraxxus

  • Theater of Pain - The dungeon is available only to characters of the maximum level. Maldraxxus is a zone of warriors, arenas and gladiators. Theater of Pain is a test of contenders for the title of protector of the Shadowlands. Only the best will be able to pass it and prove their strength. In this dungeon there will be many arena battles and in one of them you will even fight with your ally, proving that you are stronger than him.
  • Plaguefall - one of the houses of Maldraxus, who betrayed Shadowlands - this is the house of the plague, it is in this zone that characters from the 48th level can go. Slime, necromancy, all kinds of diseases. All this will be the arsenal of the enemies in this dungeon. You can be turned into slime, it can be pulled out of you, you will fight harmful drops of slime, it will even be summoned from cauldrons or incarnate into tentacles and try to hit you on the head. This dungeon is about the plague and that says it all.

Dungeons in Ardenweald:

  • Mists of Tirna Scithe is an amazingly beautiful dungeon that can be seen by characters starting from the start of their journey in Shadowlands. Ardenweald felt a lack of anima the most. And drust, who are trying to conquer this world for themselves, and grimlings - who devour everything in their path, give many troubles to Ardenweald. They will be the enemies in this dungeon. Also in dungeon there is a riddle that refers us to the Zelda series of games, the solution of which will require a little ingenuity.
  • De Other Side - During the Battle of Azeroth, we met an ambiguous and mesmerizing character named Bwonsamdi, who loved deals. In this dungeon and the history of Ardenweald, we find out what exactly driving him and about his true intentions. Mueh'zala, boss of Bwonsamdi, one of Ardenweald's enemies who steals spirits from the forest and forces them to serve him. In this dungeon, we will face all the debtors in Bwonsamdi's deals, collect the debts and help him. The dungeon is filled with interesting bosses of completely different styles, one of them is Hakkar, The Loa of Blood, we already encountered him in the Zul'Gurub raid and his avatar in the sunken temple dungeon of the classic era of the game.

Dungeons in Revendreth:

  • Halls of Atonement - the dungeon is available for players above level 48, it is the final one in the quest chain of the Unrepentant faction. Halls of Atonement are the zone for cleansing the soul from pride. It is here that humility and modesty are taught, even if the methods are sometimes not humane. This is necessary so that sinners can atone for their sins and not fall into the Maw. However, now these palaces serve only to draw out the entire anima from the souls who have fallen here. It is we who will have to put an end to this disgrace. In the dungeon, enemies will impose many curses, and the stone bears and gargoyles that guard palaces are literally made of stone. Although the latter, if you have an ally in the group who has chosen Venthyr covenant, may go over to your side.
  • Sanguine Depths - the final of entire story of Revendreth and the last available dungeon only for the 60th level. The dungeon is essentially a prison for the most unusual enemies, from which anima have been pulled out for millennia. One of the prisoners of this dungeon is the Naaru, who can greatly help us in the civil war of Revendreth. We will save her by fighting the jailers and torturers of local souls. And the final boss, the general of the head of Revendreth - Syrah Denathrius, will not be able to submit to us and will flee from the battle. After that, we will still defeat her, but with a lot of allies.


In the addon of Chain of Domination, Mega Dungeon was added - the Tazavesh the Veiled Market. This broker-filled dungeon is a private trading area, although you can find auctioneers loyal to us there as well. The main enemies will be brokers from the So cartel, whose leader is trying to open the tomb of the eternal for unimaginable power and knowledge. There are 8 bosses in the dungeon, one of which is a dragon pirate from the infinity flock. We encounter them for the first time since the Cataclysm addon. Why is Mega Dungeon Tazavesh, the Veiled Market so interesting:
  • in the easy mode of difficulty, you can get equipment of level 226 items
  • dungeon has a hard mode (hardmod), during the passage of which you can get equipment of 233 levels. In addition, for the first passage of this mode, the player receives unique mounts.
  • there are 8 bosses in the dungeon, and, thanks to this, it is more likely to get the equipment you need
  • here you can get 2 mounts, 6 pets, weapons with unique models. This is a rare loot that has a low chance of dropping (especially mounts), but nevertheless, you can get these items randomly if you're lucky, and they become a nice bonus.


Many players in modern WoW are very fond of the competition that is created around some aspects of the game, the race for World 1th, the race for RIO. These are aspects of the game that everyone loves, but, unfortunately, all these aspects of the game are tied to the selection of the team to complete.


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