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One of the most popular areas of PvE activity in World of Warcraft Shadowlands is Mythic + Dungeon system. The system is very beginner-friendly, but the more you understand it, the more subtleties and nuances you can find. We will help you figure out and understand why it is worth ordering boost services and why it is worth doing it with us.


Mythic + dungeons or dungeon, opened with the help of a mythic key, do not differ in abilities of enemies, but there are a significant number of differences that make the m + system replayable, namely:
  • Lack of weekly cool down on loot, mythic + dungeons, you can pass as many times as you want and always get loot
  • Availability of a timer
  • Strengthening enemies with increasing keystone level
  • The presence of complicating features during the passage - affixes.
And now in a little more detail: If you need to farm a certain item, Mythic + system is best suited, because it does not have an internal limit on the amount of loot per week, like other loot systems in World of Warcraft. And if you enlisted our help, then all loot from dungeon that you can wear at the end of the dungeon will be yours.


After defeating the final boss of Mythic dungeon, along with loot, you will receive a keystone, with this item you can open Mythic dungeon of the 2nd level. In addition to complicating the passage with each level of the keystone, the level of production will also increase, which will be a reward at the end of dungeon. Below is a table from which level of the keystone to which level of equipment you can get:
Epic level End of dungeon
Level 2 213
Level 3 216
Level 4 220
Level 5 220
Level 6 223
Level 7 226
Level 8 226
Level 9 226
Level 10 230
Level 11 230
Level 12 233
Level 13 233
Level 14 233
Level 15 236


The main and most important difference between Mythic + dungeon and usual Mythic dungeon is the presence of timer for passing. Timer determines how many levels you improve your keystone or, on the contrary, break it. The keystone always breaks by one difficulty, below +2 the keystone does not exist. But it improves by a maximum of 3 levels, it depends solely on how quickly you complete the dungeon.


In addition to timer, dungeon is further complicated by additional properties of enemies, every week these complications or affixes change. There are 2 main affixes that change themselves every week - Fortified and Tyrannical. The first strengthens enemies not bosses, increasing their health by 30% and damage by 20%, and the second, on the contrary, increases only bosses by 40% health and 30% damage. These affixes exist in any keystone complexity. After increasing difficulty of the keystone to the 4th, you may also encounter the following affixes:
  • Bolstering - all enemies, except bosses, explode, dealing damage over time. The effect is cumulative.
  • Sanguine - after death, all enemies, except bosses, leave a pool of blood under them, which heals their allies and inflicts the same damage on players in their area of ​​effect.
  • Inspiring - some enemies in dungeon will give immunity to controls and interrupts on nearby allies.
  • Raging - when enemies reach 30% health, they go into a frenzy and deal 75% more damage until they die.
  • Spiteful - after the death of enemies, his spirit appears, which chases a random player.
  • Bursting - at the time of death, all enemies emit a scream, increasing the health of their allies by 15%, damage by 20%.
At the 7th level of difficulty of Mythic Keystone, the 3rd affix is ​​added, which further complicates the passage of dungeon:
  • Storming - whirlwinds may appear around enemies during the fight, damaging you and knocking back.
  • Grievous - injured players receive the effect of bleeding - increasing periodic damage until they are healed.
  • Explosive - in fight, enemies call on explosives around them, which will cause great damage to everyone if they are not destroyed in time.
  • Quaking - shock waves periodically go around you and your allies, damaging allies around you and interrupting the spell.
  • Volcanic - volcanoes periodically appear under the feet of allies fighting at long range, causing damage and throwing them into the air.
  • Necrotic - all melee attacks from enemies apply a cumulative necrotic effect on the target that deals a little damage and absorbs incoming healing.
There is also affix that appears in keystone above +10th level, and it changes every season. In the second season of Shadowlands, this is Tormented affix. He represents 4 generals, which are located in random places, each with their own abilities and an aura that affects everyone who entered the battle with him. After defeating him, you get a boost that will simplify your further passing of dungeon.


Keystone for unlocking Mythic + appeared in Legion and almost immediately players created a rating system for them - RIO Mythic + Score, which would track everyone's progress in this element of the game. She recorded all the passes, chose the best and displayed them to everyone who used this modification. It was made initially so that players could see the player's experience without wasting energy and, based on this information, decide to take it into the key or not. This system is used now, but with a release of add-on 9.1, an in-game rating system of passes in M ​​+ appeared. This system differs in that it awards points not only for passage, but also takes into account the affixes on which the key is closed. For example, in the week with the Necrotic affix, the tank will get the most points, and in Painful week, the healer. There is also a significant difference - for a higher rating, you must definitely close dungeon at Tyrannical and Fortified weeks, the rating of the best dungeon passes is taken into account on different weeks.


Valor is a new addon in Shadowlands, it is currency accrued at the end of passage Mythic +, it also drops in a minimum amount from bosses in Mythic mode and the same amount can be obtained by completing daily tasks. The main feature of this currency is the ability to increase the level of items. All items found in dungeons have a rank. Rank 1 loot drops from Mythic dungeons, and Rank 9 loot drops from keys 14 and above. Regardless of the rank, increasing each slot will cost a fixed amount of valor for that slot, this cost will not change from rank to rank. Below is a table of the cost of increasing the rank for each slot:
  • 250 Valor — offhand weapon
  • 400 Valor — trinket, belt, shoulders, gloves
  • 475 Valor — gloves, legs, chest, boots
  • 500 Valor — one-handed agility and strength weapons, chest, helm
  • 750 Valor — one-handed intellect weapon
  • 1000 Valor — two-handed weapon.
In addition to currency, to unlock the possibility of increasing rank to 9.1, you also need to fulfill one condition - the rating in Mythic + system on the desired character. The system will not count achievements or ratings of your other characters. If you want open an opportunity to raise rank above the 7th inclusive, you should get achievement "Keystone- Explorer", for the 9th - "Keystone-Conqueror", and for the 11th - "Keystone-Master".


We provide many different services in Shadowlands Mythic + Dungeons, passes to keystone of any complexity, adding options such as a specific dungeon to keystone, additional traders or farming of a certain thing. You can order any additions to keystone, and we can give you a guarantee that everything will be completed as soon as possible with the maximum benefit for you.


In our store you can order passage of any keystone, any difficulty you need up to the 21st key in the timer and get the maximum Mythic + Score. You can also order several +10 or 15 keys with traders - players of your armor type to increase the chance of getting loot you need. Passages with traders greatly speed up the process of dressing the character. You are not required to have a high M + rating or a high item level as the casual players require. And you will be given all the production, which is so rarely done in the LFG, and we can guarantee it.


We also provide assistance in obtaining Dungeon-related Feats of Strength:
  • Shadowlands Keystone Explorer - achievement to receive the 750 rating in the M + system. After receiving it, you can increase the rank of your items to the eighth inclusive.
  • Keystone Conqueror - this achievement is given for 1500 M + rating. It provides an opportunity to raise the rank to the tenth. And also gives a unique title - Tormented.
  • Keystone Master - 2000 rating is required for it. Achievement unlocks the ability to increase the rank to the maximum available. In addition, as a reward for achievement, you will receive a unique mount, which is available for obtaining only this season.
  • Keystone Hero – is such series of achievements for completing the 20th key in timer. Whichever key you close, as a reward you will be able to use the teleport to entrance to this dungeon.


Another service we provide is Mythic + Score Boost. As mentioned earlier, M + points are needed to increase loot rank, if you need help to get a certain amount of rating. We can help you, selecting  necessary keys on the right affixes, without unnecessary risks and with a guarantee of getting pleasant impressions from the passage.


One of our services designed for your convenience and time saving. A competent group will go with you the required number of dungeons in order to accumulate the required amount of valor as quickly as possible.


One of a new features of Shadowlands is Great Vault. Depending on your activity per week, it will offer you from 1 to 3 things to choose from. The number of items is determined by the number of dungeons that you have completed in a week. For 1 key - 1 option, for 4 passages - 2 options, for 10 passages - 3 options. The level of items in the vault will depend on a complexity of dungeons that you have closed.
Epic level Great Vault
Level 2 226
Level 3 229
Level 4 233
Level 5 236
Level 6 236
Level 7 239
Level 8 242
Level 9 242
Level 10 246
Level 11 246
Level 12 249
Level 13 249
Level 14 252
Level 15 252
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Our sphere of services and team capabilities are not limited by keystone level or your skills, even if you just came to World of Warcraft Shadowlands or have been playing for a long time. Our teams can help you - show class and skill. With us, you are protected from people who leave the group, from toxic people and from people who throw at things. We can guarantee you pleasant pastime and a quality group that will be found as soon as possible.