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Tazavesh the Veiled Market is the third Mega Dungeon in World of Warcraft history, an 8-boss dungeon for a group of 5 people. Like the previous Mega Dungeons, this one is also unique. Lots of different mechanics, interesting loot and exciting adventures. At the first runs through the dungeon, it is not clear what's the most efficient way to get it done. Our team can help you with this, and in addition to experienced company, you can get all loot from the dungeon. But many of items there are unique and have no existing analogues.


Boss Cartel So has conceived a massive operation involving multiple worlds. In order to put together the ancient artifact, with helping of which it will be possible to take possession of secrets of the eternals. Only a single broker Al'dalil and his ragtag stand in her way. We must follow So'leah to stop her from gaining forbidden strength. One of the interesting features of Tazavesh is that you can find many friendly inhabitants in the first part of it. For example, such as merchants or even auctioneer. And if you are attentive in the first room, you will notice that portals are scattered throughout dungeon, after talking with a broker on the other side, you can move back and forth as many times as you want without restrictions.


There are 8 different bosses in dungeon. Each of them has unique mechanics and features, each battle can be called epic in its own way. Dungeon is filled with many references not only to different additions to the game, but also to different universes that are familiar to us.


The first boss of the market and also the head of local customs, who tirelessly monitors what and who comes. Finding any contraband or intruders, he will destroy the object. The main mechanic of this boss is that he focuses on his target, fetters it and slowly walks, creating a devastating meat grinder in front of him that will kill anyone who gets between him and a target. You can save your friend only by quickly breaking shackles, on his part, the main quest is to run away as far as possible. Visually, his skills are very similar to General Grievous from animated series The Clone Wars.


Cartel Zo are local auctioneers, who sell absolutely anything. If you have gold, then you can buy items, from cursed artifacts to all kinds of creatures, some of which eventually escaped from the cage. We will deal with them. The boss consists of 3 enemies, Acrux enters the fight first with us, he applies oversaturation effect to a random player, at the end of action this effect jumps to the nearest player. When Acrux has 40% of his health left, Achille starts charging and after a while enters the fight. One of Achille’s characteristics is that he periodically releases anima spheres around him, players with oversaturation effect can pick up these spheres, increasing their damage in% for each sphere. After winning a boss, we will get the signature of Cartel Zo for help, and we can continue to try to catch up with Solei.


The first emergency transportation compartment is in chaos, spatial portals and their controlling Automatron are out of order. All mail does not reach addressees, and parcels are undermined. The boss will throw dangerous liquids and unstable weights at you, which must be thrown into open portals so that they do not explode under your feet. After solving this problem and turning off Automatron, Katie Shtempel Pulse, already familiar to us, will give us the signature of the postal cartel, for invaluable help.


Before getting into elite establishment, we need to get a password for it. And in this we will be helped by local merchants who will gladly exchange rare goods for our gold ones, or even a password! In the battle with this boss, we have to perform on stage in front of the Cartel Au. Each of team members chooses the right instrument and the show begins. Waves of enemies are advancing, and you must fight off them in a dance with an instrument. Before bouncer boss appears, even the previous orchestra will try to take instruments from you, but they will fail. And having proven your worth as artists, you get the 3rd signature of Cartel and you can go further, deeper into the market.


Of all brokers who have chosen the Path of the sword, none beats So'azmi. This is a dangerous assassin of Cartel So, he is constantly improving his fighting technique. He especially enjoys chopping enemies into small pieces. The main feature of the fight is the skill to create impassable walls. Portals are also moving around the entire place, which will have to be actively used, because So'azmi jumps on the platform and begins to use his skill that can instantly kill you. Before starting the fight with this boss, we see So'leah go into the portal and after that our assistant Al'dalil will be able to open the portal to the same place, almost the same, using remaining energy.


The portal takes us to Broken Shores, named Stormheim. Hilbrande, the sword of keeper,s awakened after stealing an ancient artifact. In pursuit of Solei, we enter his tomb, and in order to survive we need to disable numerous security protocols. In this encounter, team coordination is especially important, because only one player will be able to say the correct combination that other players will make.


Timecap’n Hooktail is a pirate, whose team has been preparing to steal a valuable artifact for many months, and at the moment of triumph everything is spoiled by nowhere Solei, who takes the much-coveted trophy and disappears into the portal. We find ourselves on the shore near Boralus Harbor, where Timecap’n Hooktail takes on his true form, the dragon of infinity, and is ready to kill anyone in anger, who comes to hand. The fight with the dragon is truly like a pirate battle, you will need to run away from the sailors, dodge cannon explosions and try not to be dragged into the water by an anchor that is thrown at a random player.


Fight with the final boss of Dungeon Tazavesh Veiled Market is one of the most amazing dungeon encounters ever. Solei received an ancient artifact to enter the tomb of eternal, and our quest is to stop and prevent it from getting there, because the strengh lurking there is too dangerous for thoughtless use. When the boss's health drops to 40%, she will start using the artifact and restore all her health, as well as acquire a number of new abilities. As a result, we will defeat her, and the tomb will remain closed, and the artifact will be transferred to brokers for study.


You need to complete a questline to get into the dungeon. In Oribos, we will meet a broker named Al'dalil and enlist his help. After all, the leader of Cartel Solei is trying to gain strengh for which she is clearly not ready. Having obtained the waybill of Cartel Co, we find brokers who, for certain services, agree to open a portal to the market for us.


In addition to usual Mode, there is also a difficult Mode in Tazavesh Dungeon. Activation of which requires the fulfillment of a number of conditions and there are a number of differences between Normal Mode and Hard Mode. Such as:
  • The level of equipment in Dungeon Normal Mode - 226, and Hard Mode - 233
  • In Hard Mode, many bosses have additional mechanics that complicate the fight. For example, in a battle with Zo'phex, BG will be limited or an unstable cargo, at the post office, will begin to deprive players of skill to move, forcing them to play "hot potatoes"
  • At the end of Dungeon completed in Hard Mode, you are guaranteed to receive a rideable flying disc.


To open access to Dungeon, you must be wearing a pendant that allows you to apply disguise to you. Then you can talk to customs agent, he will let you go to the first boss. The pendant can be bought in the same Dungeon on the market, after killing the first boss.


There are many interesting and unique rewards in Tazaves, for example accessories or items with an unique combination of secondary characteristics. We can help you complete this dungeon in Normal Mode or Hard Mode with the number of traders you need. Our boosters can help to unlock this Dungeon or even Hard Mode. We can also help you get rideable vehicles from this dungeon. After all, a flying disc is guaranteed to drop from the final boss in the Hard Mode, and a dark flying disc can also drop with a small chance. Boss kill difficulty doesn't affect the chance to obtain dark flying disc.


Tazavesh the Veiled Market, like a real market, has an abundance of rewards, and for a character that was created not so long ago, it would be a great boost in terms of equipment. After all, each boss will be guaranteed 1 item drop, and with proper luck, there may be 2.


Our teams will help you complete this Dungeon, regardless of your equipment level and training. You will pass it in the shortest possible time, with the greatest possible benefit for you. Without the risk of being thrown or deceived with prey.