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Shadowlands expansion brings a lot of PvP system changes to World of Warcraft. PvE and PvP players were always separated with content they played. Now we have both systems close to each other. We can’t PvE if we don’t PvP and vice versa. Why can’t you play PvE without being a PvP player? Because you might need some best in slot piece of gear for Conquest and if you want it to be high ilvl you should have appropriate rating.  With all the changes of the PvP system in Shadowlands, it requires a lot of time spent on character boost. Considering that PvP demands hundreds of hours to farm honor, conquest points and rating, we’ve decided to add this section on our website to help people save their time. Thus, you can enjoy playing with geared character. Summing up, Honest Boost offers PvP carry in Shadowlands Season 2 for everyone who want to learn more about Arena or Battleground strats, for people who want to gear character fast without losing rating with random people from LFG and for people who just want to chill and get Gladiator title.  


Gamers community decrypts PvP abbreviation as Player versus Player. It means that you fight against personality, not environment, in game of course. So, what’s the difference between PvP and PvE player? PvP players will always have more versatility stat for sure. There are several aspects of PvP, like:
  • Arena
  • Battlegrounds
  • Open World PvP
  • Duels
Each aspect requires specific preparation of strats, tactics, talents and gear.   


Speaking about World PvP, with the new War Mode system in Shadowlands PvP has become even more fun. You can turn on War Mode only in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and it can be deactivated at any rest location with reaching level 20. By the way, while leveling your character you can get 20% more experience gain playing Alliance and 10% more with playing Horde side. Don’t forget to /hug defeated opposite faction player to get Make Love, Not Warcraft achievement. At this stage of game development, Korthia and The Maw are the most popular locations for Open World PvP. Duels. We don’t receive any goods from winning duels but it gives us confidence to feel that we are really good at our class in 1x1 fights. With the very beginning of World of Warcraft we witnessed the first PvP duel in history on September 4th, 2004. By the way, you can post your guesses about who actually started this legendary war and who won that duel, Alliance or Horde? Starting with closed Beta players met the PvP segment with love. One important thing about duels would be that it is possible to request someone for a duel being only the same faction. Summing up, all we have is the sweet taste of victory by winning our duel opponents.  


  Imagine a non-open world area where players compete with each other in 2v2 or 3v3 comp. Few years ago we had a 5v5 experience but Blizzard deleted this part from the game in 2016, but not from our memories, because it was really fun to play. Entering the arena, you have one minute to prepare a strategy to defeat your opponents.  Very important thing about arena matches would be MMR. Matchmaking Rating is a calculated number of each player to match players by game skill. Your MMR grows up or falls down depending on win or loss. With MMR you also get honor points for winning skirmish or rated Arena matches. For winning rated arena matches you also get Conquest-currency to buy elite PvP gear. Cap of gear ilvl depends of your current rating, there are several brackets which also give us PvP titles:
  • Combatant: 1400-1599 (240 ilvl PvP Gear)
  • Challenger: 1600-1799 (246 ilvl PvP Gear)
  • Rival: 1800-2099 (253 ilvl PvP Gear)
  • Duelist: 2100-2399 (259 ilvl PvP Gear)
  • Gladiator: 2400+ (259ilvl PvP Gear and seasonal mount)
  So, how many instanced Arenas do we have? Each expansion brings something new at this point, here you can see the list of Arena instances:
  • Ring of Trials in Nagrand
  • Circle of Blood in Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Ruins of Lordaeron in Tirisfal Glades
  • Dalaran Arena in the Underbelly of Dalaran
  • Tol’Viron Arena in Uldum
  • Tiger’s Peak arena in Kun-Lai Summit
  • Ashamane’s Fall arena in Val’sharah
  • Black Rook Hold Arena in Val’sharah
  • Hook Point in Boralus
  • The Mugambala in Zul’dazar
  • The Robodrome in Mechagon Island
  • Empyrean Domain in Bastion


Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft is a competitive game between Alliance and Horde teams ranging from 10vs10 to 40vs40, each of them owns its unique location, game type and objectives. Battlegrounds can be random, epic and rated.  Random Battlegrounds are: 
  • Warsong Gulch(10vs10)
  • Arathi Basin(15vs15)
  • Eye of the Storm(15vs15)
  • Twin Peaks(10vs10)
  • Battle for Gilneas(10vs10)
  • Temple of Kotmogu(10vs10)
  • Silvershard Mines(10vs10)
  • Deepwind Gorge(10vs10)
  • Seething Shore(10vs10) 
Epic Battlegrounds: 
  • Alterac Valley 
  • Isle of Conquest 
  • Battle for Wintergrasp
  • Ashan
On epic battleground teams range is 40vs40. Rated Battlegrounds have the same locations as random but they are limited with 10vs10 players. And this is the most popular type of Battleground because we earn PvP rating, Conquest points and progress on seasonal reward and Vicious Saddle further for winning RBG.  


Here we shortly want to tell you about the very beginning of PvP in World of Warcraft. Since early Classic we had only Open World PvP between two opposite factions Alliance and Horde. First battleground areas we met were Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch; they went live on 7th June 2005. Both battlegrounds had unique objectives and game types.  For example, on Warsong Gulch there are two bases with flags. Main objective on this battleground is to capture the enemy team’s flag and to defend your own team flag against capture. The game ends if one team has scored three captures or after 25 minutes. Note that the team who captured the last flag wins or if neither side captured a flag there will be a tie. As for Alterac Valley, there are many objectives to get a win, but in the end you just want to kill an opposite faction General. So, each team has 600 points of reinforcements and your main goal is to reduce this number to 0. Secondary Alterac Valley objectives, which makes the reduction process easier, are: killing enemy Captains, burning enemy towers and bunkers, capturing enemy graveyards. And here we are with the first Arena areas in WoW. Actually, the first arena was Gurubashi in Classic but we had no rewards, points, mounts etc. for winning enemies so it was a kinda rough chaotic battle between hundreds of players. Arena Season one took its start in Burning Crusade expansion, there were rewards, mmr system, ranks announced. Imagine, that Gladiator title had only 0.5% of players in the whole World, and nothing has changed from those times.


World of Warcraft PvP in Shadowlands has become an integral part of the game, beloved by the community. Shadowlands Season One. We had crazy PvP gear scaling compared to PvE. All PvE players got mad while learning how to compete with ten boomies on Battlegrounds. If you had 226 ilvl PvP gear-you had 22 6ilvl PvE gear, that is why we had so much fun in the first season.  Regarding Shadowlands PvP Season Two, all PvP gear scales better when we participate in PvP battles, like: Arena, Battlegrounds, Duels, Open World PvP. For example, if you are a Gladiator and all your gear is 246ilvl, it would scale to 259 ilvl when you do PvP, so basically we have a 13 ilvl increase in PvP. As for PvE content, we still have 246 ilvl but it’s still super high. For example, having Keystone Master: Shadowlands Season Two achievement, you still can upgrade your gear to a maximum of 246 ilvl, so it’s pretty solid.  


World of Warcraft character progression engages us with so many ways to build it. Each game segment has lots of varieties of playing. If we look at PvP, the first important thing would be PvP talents. Picking right talents against your opponents would be half of success. Second, we always use specific strategies against our in-game enemies on battlegrounds or arenas. Even Open World PvP requires specific strat, because if you pick good position and attack your opponent using right rotation, movement skills abilities, defensives and immunities, you will get your victory easily. Speaking more about WoW PvP popularity, we should talk about factions war. Each honored PvP player should assault an opposite faction kingdom with a 40 players raid. Imagine a fight where you have thousands of players from both sides. Being a titled PvP player you get respect from your enemies even before battle. You can just mount your Unchained Gladiator’s Soul Eater and see the reaction of the environment. Nothing can be compared to that. Just feel like a PvP rock-star buying service from Honest Boost. To sum up, World of Warcraft PvP attracts players attention by having tons of game situations where you can show your skills using all resources that game developers gave you.  


  Our website management made the biggest roster of professional PvP players who love to compete and share their knowledge with our customers. Here you can find the best quality Arena, Battleground, Coaching, PvP mounts, Titles and many other products to satisfy your PvP appetite.  


Our main goal is to make gaming fun. It’s not fun playing with random people in LFG or spending hours to get a desired rating. Honest Boost offers the best quality and price for Arena 2v2 and 3v3 service. Buying Arena from us you will get:
  • Desired rating
  • Conquest points to buy elite-pvp gear
  • Seasonal mount reward progression
  • Honor points to grade your elite-pvp gear
  • Unique PvP experience fighting with R1 Gladiators back to back


We have no requirement for Purchasing Arena Coaching on Honest Boost, all you need is to make a few clicks on the road to knowledge and experience of the highest rated PvP players of the world. We can imagine how tired people are after ten losses to setups like beast mastery hunter plus restoration druid or restoration shaman plus arms warriors. We have a simple solution, please contact our customer support to set up how many hours you want to spend with tops and what time would be the most comfortable for you to start the service.  


We are all tired of yolo players who just want to get an easy weekly win in their bracket. Queing with those kinds of players doesn’t give you a guarantee that you won’t lose your bracket. Honest Boost does guarantee. So you finally got your Rival or Duelist title and you want to just have a weekly reward. Nothing easier, we can save your rating, thus you will get the desired number of wins. We are online 24/7 to give you solutions to all your PvP needs.  


Only 0.5% of PvP players own the Gladiator title each season. Before BFA we could get Gladiator only in RBGs and 3v3 Arena, now we have an opportunity to get it in 2v2 Arena. Uniqueness of this title is that you can own it in each season as a proof of your PvP skills. The only requirement for Gladiator title service would be account share. We will only need your login and password and we do NOT need an answer to a secret question or access to your email, so be sure that your account is secured.  


  You may not be a PvP oriented player but you can be a mounts collector. This service fits you if you hunt for mounts each World of Warcraft expansion or a season. Here is the list of mounts who can be obtained with Vicious Saddle: 
  • Vicious War Bear, 
  • Vicious War Basilisk, 
  • Vicious War Lion, 
  • Horn of the Vicious War Wolf, 
  • Vicious War Clefthoof, 
  • Vicious War Turtle, 
  • Reins of the Vicious Skeletal Warhorse, 
  • Vicious Black Bonesteed, 
  • Vicious War Fox, 
  • Vicious War Raptor, 
  • Vicious White Bonesteed, 
  • Vicious War Kodo, 
  • Reins of the Vicious Warsaber, 
  • Vicious Warstrider, 
  • Vicious War Trike, 
  • Vicious War Ram, 
  • Vicious War Mechanostrider, 
  • Vicious War Scorpion, 
  • Vicious War Elekk, 
  • Vicious Gilnean Warhorse. 
Seasonal Mount reward for PvP Season 2 in Shadowlands is Vicious War Gorn, which you can get with filling the progression bar winning rated battlegrounds or arenas on 1400 rating or above. Right after your bar is filled, there will appear a Vicious Saddle bar and you can start farming more and more mounts from previous PvP seasons.  


Firstly, Honor Farm would fit everyone who needs to buy PvP gear and grade it to 216 ilvl with having 59 Renown. Secondly, you might need it to grade elite-pvp gear. Trust, you need a lot of honor to grade it. For example, to grade a single elite-pvp piece of gear you need 2600 of honor. Farming it with afk people on random battlegrounds is not fun. Leave it to professionals. Honest boost will farm as much honor as you need to get things done.  


Conquest points is the upper-level pvp currency for farming PvP encounters. Having a title is not always enough to gear your character for Conquest points. The most efficient way to farm Conquest would be 3v3 Arena plus daily and weekly activities. Each week we have our Conquest points cap raise. Imagine, farming 6000 points when you get only 50 for 3v3 rated Arena win. Our professional players will minimize time spent on this process.   


  We don’t call names to give our boosters some privacy, but you know them all for sure. You just need to check the R1 players leaderboard, most of those players work with us. First of all, Honest Boost company cares about its clients like no one. Customer Support works 24/7 to answer all your questions about the in-game stuff or service you want to buy. Make sure you get the best experience of buying carry and boost services from Honest Boost.