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Patch 9.2 brings us a new location, Zereth Morthis as the final part of the Shadowlands expansion.  Within this zone are contained many secrets that The Jailer plans to use to rewrite the rules of Azeroth.  Players are challenged to enter Sepulcher of the First Ones to defeat the Jailer and save Azeroth if they can. The new raid will have the usual four levels of difficulty: LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic. The raid contains 11 unique bosses, but unlike previously offered raids, the initial week will only see the first 8 bosses released at normal and heroic difficulties. The second week sees the final 3 bosses released for all and the vaunted mythic level challenge arrives. Below you will find some brief descriptions and tips on what to expect as you face each encounter.


The first boss to be encountered is he who guards the doors of the raid, located within the eternal watch, the vigilant guardian blocks the way to all the secrets beyond. The boss consists of three phases, an add phase, a boss phase, and then a massive damage ramp to enrage. The final phase shield must be burnt down quickly to defeat the boss and unlock the next raid step.


Boss two has been enslaved by The Jailer to lead his mawsworn army to capture the forge of afterlives and ensure eternal torment for all. This boss has a signature mechanic effect that flows through the entire raid and is impossible to avoid.  The halo sweeps across the fight zone applying debuffs to all, the fight ramps up until there are multiple halos.  The boss shields itself by stealing energy from the reservoir of the first ones, and this shield must be broken before the pulsing damage destroys everyone.


As we move to boss three, you may be thinking we have gone back to Castle Nathria, as we encounter an old enemy.  Yes, Artificer is back and just as annoying as in the previous raid, with new abilities and a continuing first for power. The portals are back and need to be used to avoid the raid wide AOE ground effect.  The fun traps we all remember are back as well, but this time do not vanish when broken, if that wasn’t bad enough the boss casts a glyph of relocation at 80, 50 and 20 percent, sucking the entire raid onto the tank.  This does massive damage, and all must flee to reduce it.


Boss four involves four separate bosses, you start fighting two of them, then the other two and finally all four together. Each boss has a different mechanic that needs to be managed.  There are ground mechanics, lasers, pods to be healed and pulsing damage, phase three with all four bosses is chaotic and fun, a boss sucks in mechanics like Artificer, called hand of destruction, spices up the other mechanics and can easily wipe the raid. 


Located within Keeper’s Bastion, the fifth boss is one of the more fun fights of the raid, with alternating boss/add waves. The boss stacks energy and when reaching full power, activates adds.  The raid can take out adds before they fully spawn, failure to do so can become crazy.  The adds have unique abilities, making some preferably to others.  Add in the orb spawns that need to be stacked so they don’t fill up the raid location.  Its easy to wipe the raid by running out of useable ground or uncontrolled adds.


A massive worm boss that consumes ephemra, unbalancing the sepulcher, applying raid wide DOT damage to the raid, the raid has to stack to rid the debuff by causing the boss to tunnel and attack he raid, this increases the damage from this insatiable boss to the raid.  Tanks will get hit with wormhole jaws, along with the next closest player, as well as riftmaw and rend, like other bosses, failure to tank swap on time is a one shot kill. Players furthest away will get hit with extra DOT debuffs.  Add in ground swirls and frontal cones and this is a fun boss.


Boss seven, Halondrus is a massive walking tank, his job to keep order within the sepulcher. Phases alternate between stationery and walking, when static the boss spawns massive pylons that are shielded until the boss hits them with a frontal, tanks need to line this up. Movement phase does raid wide pulsing damage, each stationary phase gets harder, orbs spawning that must be intercepted, tank mechanics and more. Healers have a tough job in keeping up with damage.


The eight boss and the final one available in week one of raid release.  We all know Anduin is under The Jailer's control and here he is ready to destroy anyone trying to oppose his master. Three different phases to the fight as well as intermission.  This is a complex fight, which includes allowing players to be hit by the boss frontal to give him willpower. Phase one has colored buffs on the players, with instant detonation for interacting with the same color, phase two, spawns adds that constantly cast fear and need to be interrupted and down. Phase three has exploded debuffs and zones as well as a hard enrage. Week two of raid will see the final three bosses released as well as the hardest difficulty, mythic. So what to look forward to on this new week.


The ninth boss, this is a double boss, Mal’ganis and Kin’tessa, using death and decay magic they will attempt to halt the player’s progress.  Each boss has its own ability, Mal’ganis stack energy to 100% at which time both bosses become swarms of insects that inflict massive damage to the raid.  When Kin’tessa reaches 100% both bosses vanish and have to be located or they will shatter the raid's minds, and instant wipe, while it's not completely necessary to kill them at the same time, dealing with the rampaging swarms is harder when there is only one boss.


The penultimate boss of the raid, like previous bosses, he will slowly stack energy until reaching 100%, at which point he casts a massive bang, anyone outside the singularity safe zone is instantly killed. The singularity is spawned by players killing unstable matter adds. The boss will appear inside the singularity once Big Bang is finished and shatter the spear to return everyone to the arena and the fight begins again.  Tanks take corrupted strikes and wounds and need to swap frequently, DPS are afflicted with dark eclipse and must seek aid from collapsing quasar fields to explode.  Sounds complicated doesn’t it?


Here’s the one you have all been wanting to kill, the final boss of the raid. This is what everything has been leading to throughout Shadowlands, defeating the Jailer, but be assured he is not going to make it easy.  In this fight The Jailer will attempt to turn the energy of the world soul of Azeroth against the raid.  He casts unholy attunement, bringing massive pylons into play that must be shattered.  This is a complex fight which involves players needing to jump into the pylons with a debuff called rune of damnation, co-ordination is the key or the raid wipes. Every player is involved in the fight, and the last boss does not disappoint for complexity.  


So, having battled your way through each boss, what do you get for your efforts? Well tier sets are back; each class and specialization get unique sets armor. You can equip sets of 2 or 4 pieces to get bonuses. There are also specific rings for Death knights and healer weapons to be won. And back by popular demand a new mount for gaining that AOTC.   Gear levels have changed with the new patch so here’s a quick table to show you what to expect.  
Difficulty 1-8 Bosses loot ilvl 9-11 Bosses loot ilvl
Normal 252 259
Heroic 265 272
Mythic 278 285


Like all previous raids there are achievements, titles and mounts to be gained. The most popular achievement is Glory of the Sepulcher Raider, this is gained by completing the following raid on normal or higher difficulties.
  • Power On – defeat the vigilant guardian after defeating the depleted Automa.
  • Wisdom Comes from the Desert– defeat Skolex, after he has burrowed under and destroyed all four memorial pylons.
  • Xy Never, Ever Marks the Spot – Defeat Xy’mox with all players under the effects of pilfered artifacts on normal or higher difficulty.
  • Four Ring Circus – defeat Dausegne while a player is carrying the afterlife,
  • Where the Wild Corgis are – (gotta say I love this name) – Defeat Pantheon after each player has petted 5 Corgis (yay corgis), during wild stampede.
  • The Protoform Matrix – defeat lihuvim after synthesizing and defeating the reaving Automa: Neo
  • Shimmering Secrets – defeat Halondrus after collecting six strange artifacts and defeating their constructs.
  • Coming to Terms – defeat Anduin after defeating Anduin’s grief.
  • Amidst Ourselves – defeat the Lords of Dread after finding and completing one simple task during infiltration of Dread.
  • We are Made of Stars – defeat Rygelon with all players under the effect of Herald of the Cosmos.
  • Damnation Aviation – defeat The Jailer after collecting 6 progenitor orbs.
As well as the Glory achievement we can also assist with unique mythic difficult achievements and gaining transmogs at all levels.  


One of the most popular items to gain are the mounts, and this raid has three unique ones to be collected.
  • Fractal Cypher of the Carcinized Zerethsteed – awarded for Ahead of the Curve
  • Shimmering Aurelid – awarded for the Glory of the Sepulcher raider achievement
  • Fractal Cypher of the Zereth Overseer – drops from The Jailer on mythic difficulty only
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