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The Burning Crusade Classic Boost (Boost services in TBC Classic)

Blizzard released a new addon for World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade on June 2, 2021. Players will once again face the army of the Burning Legion and explore new locations in Outland. The Burning Crusade was popular from 2007 to 2009 (before the Lich King patch was released) and is still considered one of the best and the most difficult addons. At a time when the TBC addon was relevant, there were no online guides and it was difficult for players to navigate the game, despite the fact that this game was (as it is now) terribly complicated. If you want to quickly upgrade your character and break into the battle with Illidan (or into battle arenas), then our service will be very useful to you.


While the Horde and the Alliance fought against C'Thun and Ragnaros, Outland had its own war, Illidan Stormrage, after being defeated by the Lich King, wounded fled Northrend to Outland. His defeat enraged Kil’jaeden and Illidan knew there would be no joyful embrace when he met, so the time for pretense to Legion had passed. The time has come to cleanse the world of Legion infection and for that he needed the army. Thought out everything carefully, Illidan brought the defeated demon to Hellfire Citadel to feed orcs with demon blood, thereby making them bloodthirsty and crueler. And it was going great until food and resources ran out, then Illidan sent Lady Vashj to Zangarmarsh, which have long turned into a nothing but swamp. Nagas, which have accustomed to such territories, quickly got their hands on it. In addition, Illidan decided to gather own elite squad of demon hunters. He chose orphans among Night Elf’s and Blood Elf’s, which have left after the attack of the Burning Legion, and through psychological manipulation and pressure, took them into his squad. It must be remembered that Kil’jaeden was a strong strategist, and realized, that Illidan could not be defeated on his own, so he pitted the Alliance and the Horde forces against Illidan. This is what players will have to do in the addon - the battle against Illidan, his henchmen and the Burning Legion. What is the difference between World of Warcraft, The Burning Crusade 2007 and 2021 TBC Classic?


In fact, this is the same addons as 14 years ago, but there are still some changes: • Optimized game engine. There will be no more bugs with stucking of characters in textures, off NPC scripts during quests and quest chains. • Graphics have become better visually, the game works at all modern resolutions now. • Fast resurrection of all game NPCs (you don't have to wait 20-30 minutes when completing the kill quest) • The chance of drop quest items was increased.


After successful launch of Vanilla (the first addon of WoW Classic), re-release of Outland patch was hanging in the air. All players were saying, "When patch 2.4.3 will be released, I'll be back in WoW." Surveys were conducted among gamers, which showed that two addons received the most love - Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. Then there was a matter of time. I wish you to understand - the maximum online on WoW servers just happened during actual of these two patches. Fans liked that drop-out rate of weak players occurs even at the stage of character leveling, and hardcore at the highest level delighted all fans of the series. Moreover, Blizzard knew exactly that the audience, as teenagers in 2007, can easily afford to spend $ 40 for the feeling of nostalgia and love for the game, which they have kept in their hearts for almost 15 years.


1) The opportunity to feel danger. WoW has become very easy, casualized game now, so lazy modern gamers are not afraid of the complexity and continue to play. Previously, the player was given to understand that you will have not a simple journey now, difficult, on which you will spend a lot of time and effort, but in return you will receive a well-deserved reward. So one quest on 20th level, somewhere on Arathi, a player could do for an hour or two, but now (in actual) you complete a chain of quests in 10-15 minutes. 2) Even if you are playing for the first time or discard all prejudices, accumulated over the years, you will see the main thing - this is just a nice (on all fronts) game.


World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade is a complex game in the best PC gaming traditions of the 2000s. Leveling of your character, profession or achievement of merits on the Arena - get ready for suffering and pain anyway. You can spend a lot of time and effort, or contact us, and we will save you from the most difficult and tedious aspects of the game, and you will only get a pleasant gaming experience.


Do you want to pick apples from the сactus in Durotar and die of scorpions every two minutes? Or maybe you came to raise your level in The Barrens, collecting four zhevra hooves are constantly killing you with Raptors? We understand it perfectly, and we are gladly ready for leveling of your character on its own, saving you from a ton of wasted time on heavy boring quests. Get only the pleasant gaming experience.


Do you remember one of the old commercials, released for the "Cataclysm" addon, in which aged speaker with a beard, said: “Do you need gold? Level your prof! " It is true, but leveling of any profession, as in a real life - is a lot of work and a time consuming. Leveling of profession lies in two activities - collecting of other resources (leather, ore, stones, grass, recipes etc.), and creating of items. After you've crafted something, it's perfect to sell it on the auction more expensive. Are you ready to spend 100-120 hours of gameplay on the max profession level? And if it isn’t, then contact us!


What does a level reputation give? The opportunity to buy interesting items for your character, support from faction representatives and, of course, the player's status. For leveling of your reputation in the Burning Crusade - a player has to work, and a lot. As an example, did you see a cool Sword on your Paladin in Thrallmar? Then, you should complete absolutely all quests (including the Forge of Souls), bring resources in tribute, spend about a week of your life and only then you will get Sword. Alternatively, you can get it with the help of our boosters within a few days. The choice is yours.


- Hey, tank, why didn't you go to the raid with us tonight? - I farmed gold. - Will you go today? - No, I will still farm for a couple of days! Sound familiar? If you've played World of Warcraft a little bit (no matter on which addon), then more than. Of course, farm is easier in the current addon, as an example, having found one deposit, you will receive three or four stones at once + you do not need to level a profession to the maximum to collect, but what do we have Burning Crusade? Hardcore in all its glory. Did you decide to collect herbs for a new learned elixir? Run the entire location twenty times and then maybe you will collect a stack. Do you need some money? Well, go kill mobs for consumables and to auction off, so you will stand there for a week and farm them.   What resources are there in the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade?
  • Gold (main currency)
  • Currencies (from battlegrounds, PVE currencies, currencies of different factions, etc.)
  • For professions: cloth (to sew clothes, bandages, etc.), leather, ore, gems, herbals, magic cristals(for inchanting), raw foods (cooking) and much more
  • Items – rare, which can be used in the profession (such as recipes or a fishing rod that gives +100 skill to fishing)
  • And much more (mounts, elixirs, scrolls, etc.).
In general, I would like to note that, as in real life, you will always have few resources. You can avoid it, of course, but then you need a professional booster, that is - we.


Burning Crusade addon is another one that raiders were generally viewed as Gods. And what, think for yourself - it's hard to come and complete, any mistake is unforgivable, at the exit the level of objects is such that the ordinary player simply salivates when examining someone else's character. And if you also look at the rogue, in whose hands will be legendary " Warglaive of Azzinot", then you will think only of - "As a player I’m so week". In raids, items of the maximum level drop, as well as rare mounts, loot for professions and maximum leveling of reputation. You can spend years crafting a legendary set for your character, or you can just contact us. The choice is yours.


There are several ways to get good equipment:
  • Get for tasks (quests)
  • Buy at auction
  • Buy for currencies (as an example of honor in PvP)
  • Get of the killed bosses in the Dungeon or raid
  • Run and kill thousands of boars waiting for the same legendary bow to fall with a drop chance of 0.03%
  • Level a profession and make (craft)
Why do you need gear? Each item gives a bonus to the characteristics, the better the item, the cooler your bonus. The more bonuses you collect, the stronger your character. The stronger your character is, the less players from other factions will offend you, and you will also be more respected in your faction, guild, or just friends. In general, everything is like in real life. Hundreds of hours to get the helmet, after which you will need to run after the remaining five items from the set. Well, or contact us, we will help you get the desired equipment quickly and with minimal suffering.


Do you remember this old commercial? But what about "PVE for noobs, the real game is PVP"? We are not taking that position, but we perfectly understand why players think so. After all, why do we play online games? Of course, to show others that we are better than them and PVP is perfect for this. There are four PvP modes:
  1. PvP in the open world - saw a player from enemy faction, attacked and killed (well, or you: D).
  2. Duelings – to go punch of your "skills" with friends from the same faction.
  3. Arena - there are already serious gladiatorial battles 2vs2 or 3vs3 (by the way, as a result, you will even get the title - "Gladiator"
  4. Battleground (BG) - the same arena, only crowd into the crowd. BG has several modes, such as: capturing the flag, capturing positions and so on, but you and I understand that the main goal is to attack the enemy.


Dungeons (Insta or Dungeon) are the same raids, with only two differences: you have to run with five players; dungeons are accessed from the 15th level. In fact - a dungeon, this is a small adventure where you can go with a group of friends during leveling or at the maximum level for loot and experience. There are two modes - Normal - possibly during leveling and immediately after getting level 70, and Heroic - after the character has collected equipment for more difficult dungeons.


- Where did you get such a mount? - I got it, and yours? - I bought ... There are over 200 mounts in World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade. Each player has a valuable mount. As an example - on a bear they show others (and yourself) that you are a hardcore PVP player, on a dead goat (which is epic) they show dozens of trips to Stratholme, the player's pain and suffering, and so on. Mounts are obtained into three ways:
  • Purchase for resources
  • Getting in a dungeon or raid
  • Receiving for the quest chain.
We will be happy to help you get the mount you want.