About us

We want to tell you a little about ourselves. We are a young team of guys from Russia who love video games and everything connected with them and digital sphere. Wanting to be evolve, we created this project to help players in difficult situations that we got into when we played video games.

We take a very responsible approach to creating a workplace, therefore, the best workplaces have been created for our employees in a style that they like and create positive emotions. Working in our team is always a pleasure.

Sinse 2017 on the market

Our team has been working on the market for a very long time. It all started with a simple work of boosters. We all played Wakraft and boosted for clients, some of whom are still contacting us =)

More 3000 completed orders

During our work, we have completed more than 3000 orders, this is a very large experience and a large number of customers who trust us and order again and again. Try this to see from your own experience how good we are.

More 1000 positive feedback

We take a responsible approach to working with clients and love each client very much, therefore we set only positive impressions from our work. Many clients post reviews of our work on the website or other forums.

More 50 offline boosters

Unlike other services, we use not only online boosters working all over the world from their homes, but we also hire boosters offline. Professionals boosters work in our specially equipped office. We are only one service that can track offline boosters locally, which improves the quality of work and the speed of response to requests.

we are online 24/7

Our boosters and support are available 24/7. You can always contact our manager and make a request. We will quickly process your request, even at night. We will find for you a booster ready to work with order and start it. This is convenient if you want to go to bed or do it before work =)
Many services are afraid to show their face or do not have one at all. We try to make our work transparent, so we are glad to meet all our clients personally =) Now our administrative team is small, two directors, Vladislav and Aleksandr, and two managers, Kristina and Maxim. We are also glad to everyone who wants to work with us and develop the project, our goal is to do more than just a boost-service!