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Rated Battlegrounds (RBG) is one of the best ways to equip your character. By playing RBG you will get tons of Honor and Conquest. Surely if you are a fan of playing in a big team, you will enjoy PRO's excellent communication and coordination. Honest Boost offers RBG services on any realms on EU and US region. A quick start and the strongest teams, this is what will make your game brighter!


Do not confuse it with Random Battlegrounds. We’re talking about Rated ones here. Anyway, what’s the difference between Random Battlegrounds and Rated Battlegrounds? It’s simple, basically you get rating points for winning Rated Battlegrounds. Also, you get rank and depending on your rank you can buy elite-pvp gear from vendor in Valdrakken.    Another difference is that the only way to queue for Rated Battleground is premade by 10 players, not less and not more. Queuing as a 10 man group game system finds similar skill opponents in the form of MMR (matchmaking rating). Matchmaking rating-is the system that defines your skill in Rated PvP activities. The more you win the more MMR you get, also if you lose you lose MMR. Here is the short list of Rated Battlegrounds in Dragonflight:
  • Temple of Kotmogu
  • Warsong Gulch
  • Arathi Basin
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Battle for Gilneas
  • Twin Peaks


Rated Battlegrounds offer a reward in the form of Conquest for which you can buy the best PvP equipment 450 PvP ilvl. In addition, you will receive a rating, rank, titles and special achievements for each win. With all of that you also receive progress in your seasonal mount progression. Your rank depending on the rating that you can see a spreadsheet:
Rating Title
- Unranked
1000 Combatant I
1200 Combatant II
1400 Challenger I
1600 Challenger II
1800 Rival I
1950 Rival II
2100 Duelist
2400 Elite

Also, depending on the rating, you will receive titles for each faction. You can see the full list in the table:
RBG Rating Horde Alliance
1100 Scout Private
1200 Grunt Corporal
1300 Sergeant Sergeant
1400 Senior Sergeant Master Sergeant
1500 First Sergeant Sergeant Major
1600 Stone Guard Knight
1700 Blood Guard Knight-Lieutenant
1800 Legionnaire Knight-Captain
1900 Centurion Knight-Champion
2000 Champion Lieutenant Commander
2100 Lieutenant General Commander
2200 General Marshal
2300 Warlord Field Marshal
2400 High Warlord Grand Marshal

Each RBG Wins will bring you closer to the achievements with special rewards, which can be seen in the table:
Amount of Wins Achievement Rewards
x10 Wins In Service of the Alliance In Service of the Horde Challenging Artifact Appearance
x25 Wins In Service of the Alliance In Service of the Horde   -
x75 Wins Veteran of the Alliance Veteran of the Horde Veteran of the Alliance Veteran of the Horde
x150 Wins Veteran of the Alliance II Veteran of the Horde II Reins of the Vicious War Steed Horn of the Vicious War Wolf
x300 Wins Warbound Veteran of the Alliance Warbringer of the Horde Warbound Warbringer



You may be interested in achievements and rewards for them, but there are two most important reasons why you might need RBG Win Boost. If you want to quickly and easily farm Conquest points then this is the fastest solution. And also if you want to get Weekly Great Vault Rewards without losing rating and rank with random players from LFG. For any of these reasons, RBG Wins Carry is the best solution! Honest Boost teams are professional players from the leaderboard who know the strategy perfectly, have the best coordination of actions and of course are ready to help you.


In the category you can find two main types of services: RBG Rating Boost and RBG Win Boost. Our services will help you not to run with inexperienced players who will lose your rating. We only hire the best players and the strongest leaders. Let's look at them in more detail.


A familiar situation when you are stuck in one place and cannot increase your rating. An endless series of victories and defeats that do not allow your rating to grow. RBG Rating Boost will save your nerves and time. Just select the rating range and place an order on the site. Our Support agent will offer you the most convenient start time for a series of epic wins. You can also learn new things by playing with our PRO's. Learn tricks, target priority, best strategies for each RBG instance and improve your personal skills. You do not need to share your account details, all RBG Boost services are provided by SelfPlay, but if you need an Account Share method, we will always use maximum safety measures to connect our PRO driver.


As we said above, there are several reasons to buy RBG Win Boost. Regardless of this, you will receive guaranteed wins without defeats. But if suddenly the team loses, they will compensate for this with new victories, maintaining the current rating. RBG Wins is an opportunity to farm Conquest, complete objectives for Great Vault and achievements.


Imagine a ten man coordination in a battlefield where you have around four objectives. Spreading people in the best way strongly affects a match result. Usually, you can’t win RBG with only having a lot of dps (damage per second) or hps (healing per second). The most efficient way to win is to have a strong leader with a good strategy for a fight. Voice coordination between players also affects a match result by making the right calls at the right moments. Each player has to react fast on leader calls, because the more time you think the more chance to lose your desired rating. Individual skill of players takes an important part of success in Rated Battlegrounds. Using your burst dps or healing cooldowns in the right moment can save your team from losing.


Having a strong 10 man group of premades is not that easy currently. It’s always hard to find a good comp of players who are motivated to climb on the Rating Leaderboard and claim sweet rewards for being one of the best RBG teams in the world. Especially if you are new to Rated Battlegrounds, it is almost impossible to find a good team who’s ready to teach you strategies, features of voice communication and basics of playing Rated Battlegrounds. Honest-Boost offers RBG Сarry with a beasts of Rated Battlegrounds leaderboards, so you could skip this boring and hard process of team gathering and learning how to play RBG’s well.


  • Honest-Boost company works with only professional players, who are at the top of Rated Battlegrounds Leaderboard. To make sure that it is so, you can easily purchase a single RBG Win. 
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