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Wrath of the Lich King is one of the most popular expansions for World of Warcraft. WotLK the second expansion, to be announced at BlizzCon on August 3, 2007, and was released on November 18, 2008. WotLK has brought many changes to the game, as well as starting a casual game direction. The main antagonist and final boss of the expansion was the young paladin Arthas Menethil, now referred to as the Lich King. Inspired by the success of the Classic ERA, Season of Mastery and The Burning Crusade Classic, the developers decided not to stop, on April 19, at the online conference Blizzard announced WotLK Classic. This news did not leave all fans of WoW and the Lich King. The Honest Boost team also did not stand aside, our professional boosters are already preparing for the release of WotLK Classic, and the development team is preparing new services that will help you cope with any difficulties that arise in the game, and sometimes just make your adventures even more exciting.


At the time of WotLK Classic's announcement, Blizzard didn't provide a release date for the expansion, but did say it should be expected sometime in 2022. Isn't Blizzard's first expansion, so we can suppose when to expect a release. One of the most popular and real theories, the release date is September 13th. Also, someone on the network, referring to contacts with the developers, reported the Classic WoW timeline:
  • July 19 - 50% bonus to exp The Burning Crusade
  • August 2 - End of the current arena season
  • August 9 - Realm compound
  • August 16 - completion of beta testing and release pre-patch
  • September 13 - RELEASE WOTLK
Our team has also analyzed all the theories and facts by comparing past releases and we also adhere to the theory about the release at the turn of August/September. UPD: Although our theory was not confirmed, it was very close. On the night of July 21-22, an entry appeared on the official website with the release date of Wrath of the Lich King on September 26, 2022. Soon the entry was deleted, and we can only guess whether it was planned or an accidental mistake, but we know for sure the date the adventures began in Northrend =)))


WotLK is one of the most interesting additions that brought a lot of changes to the game. And although all these changes are already known to Retail WoW players, for those who have never played WotLK, or started discovering World of Warcraft, starting with Classic ERA, it would be interesting what to expect in the game. The main innovations will be:
  1. Northrend - new continent on which the main adventures of the expansion will unfold, as well as the story of Frostmourne and Arthas Menethil.
  2. Increased character level cap from 70 to 80.
  3. Death Knights - new, unique, heroic class of knights who have forsaken the Lich King. Death Knights are known for Frost, Blood, and Unholy magic and can play as a DPS or Tank. This is one of the most interesting classes in the game and has attracted the most attention in the history of the game.
  4. Inscription - new unique profession, the reagents for which are mined by herbalism. The profession will allow players to create glyphs to improve abilities, buff scroll, Darkmoon cards, off-hand items, and shoulder enchants.
  5. Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients - two new unique battlegrounds with mechanics to the destruction and capture of the enemy fortress with siege engines.
  6. Wintergrasp - new world PvP zone with destructible buildings, siege engines and a raid available only to the faction that won every 2 hours 30 minutes a Wintergrasp battle .
  7. Hairdressers - buildings in the capitals of the faction, visiting which you can change the appearance and hairstyle of the characters.


As the developers have already announced, WotLK Classic will be based on the final changes and balance of patch 3.3.5, but the developers plan to make some changes:  
WotLK WotLK Classic 
Emblems The game featured many emblems that were added every patch, the developers think that this complicates the gameplay. The developers removed all emblems and left only two types of emblems: Emblems of Valor and Emblems of Heroism. Emblems of Valor will be obtained in current raids and spent on best equipment. Emblems of Heroism can be obtained in dungeons and non-actual raids to purchase common equipment.
Looking for Group Availability to automatically looking for group and auto teleport to dungeons The system was removed from the automatic looking for group, as well as teleportation. The interface has been changed, it resembles the analogue of Retail. The system will operate in manual looking mode.
Wintergrasp  Battles were happening on each server Wintergrasp will remain a world PvP zone, but battles will take place on a dedicated battleground like Alterac Valley
Dungeons Dungeons have always had the same difficulty To stay relevant until the end of the expansion, with each patch, the dungeons will become more difficult, and the loot will be higher ilvl
The devs promised to make Naxxramas harder so players didn't clear the raid too quickly. There are hints of adding a WoW token. A lot of achievement renames and items that may seem offensive or indecent to some.


All the story of the expansion unfolds in Northrend, where Prince Arthas went on an expedition in search of the legendary sword Frostmourne. Frostmourne was a sword forged by the Lich King and predestined to drain souls. Taking Frostmourne, Arthas was the first to give his soul to the rune sword and began to obey the will of the Lich King. A long journey awaited him, led by the will of the blade, Arthas slew his father, King Terenas, his mentor Uther the Lightbringer, protector of Quel'Thalas, Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner, resurrected Kel'Thuzad, and traveled to Icecrown Citadel to reunite with the helmeted prisoner Ner'Zul, The Lich King. After sitting for several years on a throne, a top Icecrown Citadel, Arthas fully took the power of the Lich King and became one of the most powerful villains Azeroth has ever known. The heroes of Azeroth will have to confront all the allies of the Lich King, gather strength and break into the top of Icecrown Citadel to fight him!


It's no secret that Lich King has become one of the most popular add-ons. There are several main reasons for this:
  • The Lich King - perfect and very attractive antagonist. The contradictory personality of the bright hero, who turned into one of the most powerful villains, fascinates and touches the strings of the souls of everyone who gets to know him.
  • Targeting of the story - the main villain of the add-on was known from the beginning, so the players knew for sure that the add-on would end with a battle with the Lich King.
  • Gothic Styling and New Class - The theme of the undead and the gothic style have always attracted players in all games, and the new heroic class allowed players to feel a special connection with the Lich King
  • Smooth and fun questing - all the stories flow smoothly from one to another during the questing, which made the questing process positive and fun.
  • Flexible character customization system - 71 talents in three specs with the ability to create any combination. Hit, armor penetration rating, mastery and other stats in combination with the ability to equip custom sets. All this allowed you to create your own, unique and working build.
  • Changes to the raid system - 10 and 25 man, heroic and normal difficulty, the ability to fight bosses in special hard modes, all this made new and more difficult raids even more interesting.
  • Unique Legendary Items - Process to getting a hammer crafted by the titans or an axe that was close to Frostmourne was not easy, but created a special feeling of superiority and satisfaction for the owner.
  • Achievement - for the first time in the game, achievements have appeared that create motivation for playing and reaching new peaks
  • The start of casualing the game - the game began to be casual, but at the same time had the perfect balance between hardcore and casual.
  • Many other new novelties that greatly improved the gameplay and solved the problems of the past Classic and TBC