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Rated Arena has become one of the most popular modes in Dragonflight. We have beautiful PvP balance. Actually, no. Arena 2v2, 3v3 or Solo Shuffle comp is all about not getting one shot from your opponents. It’s actually hard to focus on class specifics and rotation while an arms warrior hits you with execution for tons of damage. Honest-Boost offers many a perfect solution for Arena Boost Carry. Our professional players know how to deal with it. We can help you with adjusting your outlook and communication, we can help with addons setup, and we surely can get you through the most dangerous PvP opponents.


Imagine a non-open world area where players compete with each other in 2v2 or 3v3 comp. Few years ago we had a 5v5 experience but Blizzard deleted this part from the game in 2016, but not from our memories, because it was really fun to play. Entering the arena, you have one minute to prepare a strategy to defeat your opponents.  Very important thing about arena matches would be MMR. Matchmaking Rating is a calculated number of each player to match players by game skill. Your MMR grows up or falls down depending on win or loss. With MMR you also get honor points for winning skirmish or rated Arena matches. For winning rated arena matches you also get Conquest currency to buy elite PvP gear. 


So, how many instanced Arenas do we have? Each expansion brings something new at this point, here you can see the list of 15 Arena instances. Due to the large number of Arena instances, in the Dragonflight expansion, Blizzard made a group rotation system that changes every week, see the table below for more details:
Group A Group B Group C
Nagrand Arena Nagrand Arena Nagrand Arena
Dalaran Arena Ruins of Lordaeron Hook Point
The Tiger's Peak Tol'viron Arena The Tiger's Peak
Enigma Crucible Empyrean Domain Ashamane's Fall
Empyrean Domain Blade's Edge Arena The Robodrome
Ashamane's Fall Maldraxxus Coliseum Mugambala
Maldraxxus Coliseum Black Rook Hold Arena Enigma Crucible
Nokhudon Proving Grounds Nokhudon Proving Grounds Nokhudon Proving Grounds


The Dragonflight expansion featured a Solo Shuffle Arena bracket.. Now players have the opportunity to play solo in the arena. It is important to note that the Solo Q arena rating will be tied to each specialization. Entering the queue, the player starts the 3 vs 3 arena with 6 rounds. Each round, the system will change teams, allowing you to play with all participants in the match, rewarding you with a rating depending on the number of wins in the rounds.


Starting to play in the arena, it is difficult to figure out what rewards await you. It's not as difficult as it seems. First of all, Arena Rating, which will determine your title and unlock PvP appearance. You will also earn Conquest and Honor currency which you can spend on equipment. No less interesting are the unique seasonal rewards.


Each bracket on the ranked arena gives us a unique title, appearance and opportunity to grade your elite-pvp gear for honor points. Let's see how it works in a small spreadsheet:  
Rating Title Elite PvP Appearance
- Unranked -
1000 Combatant I -
1200 Combatant II -
1400 Challenger I Wrists, Waist
1600 Challenger II Gloves, Legs, Boots
1800 Rival I Head, Shoulders, Chest
1950 Rival II -
2100 Duelist Cloak, Weapon Illusion enchant
2400 Elite -


Blizzard do away with the PvP item upgrade system and now in Dragonflight all PvP items have a maximum ilvl during arena battles. You can buy 437 PvP ilvl gear pieces for Honor points and 450 PvP ilvl for Conquest points. Below is a spreadsheet of the cost of PvP equipment for Honor and Conquest:  
Gladiator Trinkets, Wrists, Cloaks, Rings, Necks 525 Honor 525 Conquest
Damage Trinkets, Boots, Gloves, Shoulders, Belt 700 Honor 700 Conquest
Chest, Head, Legs 875 Honor 875 Conquest
Weapons 1750 Honor 1800 Conquest
Total 11025 Honor 11075 Conquest


For the first time in the season, filling the progress bar to 100% (usually around x100 Arena Wins above 1000 Rating) will receive the PvP Seasonal Mount. In the second season of Dragonflight, this is the Vicious War Snail. It is important to note that each seasonal mount is unique and can no longer be obtained once the season has ended. By repeating the progress bar you will also receive a Vicious Saddle token which you can buy for other Vicious PvP Mounts.  


One of the most valuable rewards in the arena is the Gladiator Title and Mount Crimson Gladiator's Drake. This reward is unique for each new season and can no longer be obtained if the season has ended. Getting a Gladiator Title is an extremely difficult task, it requires 2400 Rating in Arena 3v3 and 50+ Wins in the current rating. Only the strongest and most experienced players will be able to cope with this, so this award is highly valued.  


Like the Gladiator Title for Solo Shuffle Arena players, there is a valuable Legend Title and Pennant reward that can be used throughout the season. To get a unique reward, you need 2400 Rating Solo Shuffle Arena and 100 Wins above. This is a great unique reward that highlights the strongest PvP players.


One main difference is in the number of players in the arena. This affects the setup and play style, in 2v2 you will see a healer less often, when in 3v3 almost all teams play with a healer. Also, 3c is distinguished by its variety of setups and variability of battles. It is worth noting that there is a difference in rewards, playing 3s, you will get more currency and rating than 2s, but the difference is not big. Therefore, the choice of bracket depends on your preferences.   Our professionals often advise you to choose 3c for Arena Carry as you will be playing in a team with two teammates, so you can quickly and easily earn the desired rating.


There are many situations when you need such services. It is worth considering the most popular of them. Of course PvP Coaching service will help you to improve your skills, but sometimes it may be needed to farm currency, equipment, Weekly Great Vault objectives or just if you need a team for a few hours. You can also choose the Arena Wins Boost service to get Weekly Rewards without losing your rating with random players. Most importantly, you will always get positive emotions from the game with the strongest PvP PRO's.


Both options are available for Arena Boost Carry services. You can choose any best option for you. You can personally participate in battles side by side with professional boosters or share access to the character to our PvP driver and get the quick result. Benefits SelfPlay method:
  • Personal participation in the process 
  • Check your skills and get more experience 
  • Learning from PRO's PvP boosters 
  • Maximum safety without worries
  Benefits Account Share method:
  • Save your time
  • Get results while you're busy
  • The fastest way to get PvP rewards
  • Don't worry about your experience


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Solo Shuffle Arena is a separate philosophy and of course very different from 2v2 and 3v3 Arena Brackets. Every match and round you have to play with new teammates, which of course requires you to show the best personal skill. SoloQ is a new Arena Bracket, so very popular and the competition is extremely high. Solo Shuffle Arena Boost Carry from Honest Boost is a quick solution to reach your goals. Just account share to our professional PvP booster and get rewards without hassle.


We have no requirement for Purchasing Arena Coaching on Honest Boost, all you need is to make a few clicks on the road to knowledge and experience of the highest rated PvP players of the world. We can imagine how tired people are after ten losses to setups like beast mastery hunter plus restoration druid or restoration shaman plus arms warriors. We have a simple solution, please contact our customer support to set up how many hours you want to spend with tops and what time would be the most comfortable for you to start the service.  


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There is an opinion that playing with a strong opponent makes you learn things much faster, and the quality of those things is much higher than any other rank if we talk about the Gladiator bracket. Buying Gladiator boost from us you will get not only a title but an opportunity to play against strong opponents further. With all of that, you also can show off your Crimson Gladiator's Drake in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Valdrakkenor wherever you are. Getting the Gladiator title is an extremely hard process, because you need to have 2400+ rating in 2v2 or 3v3 Arena and win 50 games in this bracket. Right after getting a title you automatically become a welcomed player to any PvP group, so you can play with celebrities and famous players and just have fun. Only 0.5% of PvP players own the Gladiator title each season. Uniqueness of this title is that you can own it in each season as a proof of your PvP skills. The only requirement for Gladiator title service would be account share. We will only need your login and password and we do NOT need an answer to a secret question or access to your email, so be sure that your account is secured.


Rated Arena is the most difficult part of the World of Warcraft content. The main reason for that is playing against humans, not AI. Basically you can’t predict any decisions of your opponents. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight PvP design is based on a good meta understanding, so you just know that you can’t use your defenses or trinkets for no reason. Once you step into the arena with our boosters, you will learn all that difficulty of battles shortly. Purchasing Arena carry from Honest-Boost you will skip the nervous process of learning meta, skills and specifics of each specialization.