Terms of Conditions

The text of this agreement is a public offer of services. By ordering, buying or using in any way any services provided by the Site, by performing any actions aimed at participating in the Site or fulfilling its conditions, you unconditionally and irrevocably agree to the terms of the public offer described below.

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All risks and responsibility for not reading this offer are solely yours. The Site Owners do not bear any responsibility for not familiarizing you with the text of this offer, which is freely available on the Website on the Internet at https://honestboost.site/terms-of-conditions/

This public offer is the offer of the Site owners, which is addressed to any and every civil and legal capable individual or legal entity wishing to become a client having the relevant will and intention to conclude an agreement on the conditions set forth below. From the moment of acceptance of this offer, the contract between the owners of the Site and the Client will be deemed to be concluded.

Acceptance of the offer is purely voluntary, by performing a specific action when making a purchase of a service, namely by setting a tick in the “Additional Agreements” field opposite the agreement with the Terms of Conditions “

  • Client an individual / legal entity who has asked to provide services by paying for an order.
  • The game is an interactive computer on-line game, which is a computer program, according to the list of available on the Site.
  • Player is the person who participates in the game.
  • Game object is a game account, game resource, game item.
  • Game account is an account containing information about the player, his game character and his progress in the game.
  • Game resource is game money (gold, coins, rubles, mana, etc.), recognized by the rules of the relevant game by the game means of payment or other game conditional unit, which is a measure of one or another game value, progress in the game, etc.
  • Game item – game weapons, armor, clothing, artifacts, other things, as well as other individually defined items used in the game.
  • Character boost – the actions performed according to the rules of the game through appropriate participation in the game, aimed at:
  1. increase in certain game characteristics of the character: the experience, skills, level, abilities, and other qualitative and / or quantitative characteristics of the character of the game – and / or
  2. the passage of a game stage/level.
  • The Site is an Internet site hosted under the domain name https://honestboost.site/, as well as all the pages it redirects to.
  • Owners of the site – the person who offered this offer – HonestBoost LLC.
  • Offer (contract) – this proposal containing all the essential terms of the contract for the provision of services of the owners of the Site, and addressed to any person who will respond to it.
  • Personal account (account) of the Client – an individual section of the Customer on the Site, containing all the necessary materials according to the service chosen by the client, which is entered into by the client using individual credentials (login and password).

The player in «World of Warcraft» or «Dota 2» who requested services (hereinafter referred to as the CUSTOMER), on the one hand, and the administration of the HonestBoost.store website (hereinafter referred to as the CONTRACTOR), on the other hand (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Parties)  entered into an agreement as follows:

1.1 The subject of the contract are the services that the CONTRACTOR provides (a full list of services is available on the site – https://honestboost.site/ )

1.2 When paying for services on the site, the CUSTOMER automatically signs this agreement and agrees with all the terms of conditions

1.3 The CUSTOMER realizes that without the acceptance and agreement with the contract it will not be possible to provide the desired service.

2.1 The CONTRACTOR undertakes:
2.1.1 To ensure continuity and quality of service delivery according to CUSTOMER’s specified parameters.
2.1.2 To provide full services to the CUSTOMER in accordance with the specified information on the site.
2.1.3 Do not change the pricing policy during the execution of the order.
2.1.4 To maintain confidentiality of the CUSTOMER and his character.
2.1.5 To ensure the order and amount of refunds in accordance with this contract.
2.2. The CONTRACTOR shall be entitled to:
2.2.1 Has the right to petition the courts to protect his rights under the legislation of the United States.
2.2.2 Has the right to use the receiving data in the processing of orders, including IP address and the proposed address of the CUSTOMER in the case of an unauthorized, unilateral breach of contract by the CUSTOMER and in the case of the refusal of the CUSTOMER of a peaceful settlement to the conflict to protect his rights in court.
2.3 The CUSTOMER undertakes:
2.3.1 To ensure the payment in full for services rendered to him according to the tariff.
2.3.2 Do not create situations hamper the execution of the order in full.
2.3.3 To decide disputes in accordance with this contract.
2.3.4 Give to Administration (operators) of the site HonestBoost.store all requested information – the CUSTOMER’s first and last name, first name and surname of the owner of the credit card which was used for the payment, the name of the character in the game, the server, the state of character up to the order (e.g. current rating of the battlefield or the arena rating, depending on the type of ordered services), the desired order, a copy of the transaction payment for service.
2.4 The CUSTOMER is entitled to:
2.4.1 To supervise in person or by trustee the process of the order.
2.4.2 During the execution of the order to abandon its future execution, and to receive compensation in accordance with this Contract.
2.4.3 Obtain all necessary information from the Administration (operators) of the site HonestBoost.store

3.1 All services, their range and prices of services are displayed on the site.

3.2 Before payment, the CUSTOMER must accept this agreement in full.

3.3 Before payment, the CUSTOMER must contact the administration (operators) of the site https://honestboost.site/ for the exact price and term of the service, as well as to clarify how the service is performed.

3.4 Payment for services is made in full on prepayment, according to the service details on the site.

3.5 After payment, the CUSTOMER must provide the CONTRACTOR, (operators) of the site https://honestboost.site/ with all the information requested by him: – name and surname of the CUSTOMER, name and surname of the credit card holder that was used to pay, character name in the game, server, the state of the character before the order (for example, the current battlefield rating or the arena rating depending on the type of services ordered), the desired order, a copy of the transaction payment for the service (this is done so that the CUSTOMER cannot make a unilateral return).

4.1 In case of violation of one of the parties to the contract, the party is responsible in full accordance with international law and US law.

4.2 In the event the CONTRACTOR violates the contract, the CUSTOMER has the right to receive a full refund in accordance with the procedure specified in Section 7 of this Contract, or to extend the order line in exchange for a bonus offer from the CONTRACTOR. (Unforeseen circumstances not taken into account when calculating periods)

4.3. In case of violation by the CUSTOMER of the Agreement, the money is not refundable.

4.4 If the CUSTOMER ignores the conditions and procedures for resolving disputes in accordance with Section 7 of this Agreement, the CONTRACTOR by law does not fulfill the requirements and uses the data provided by the CUSTOMER to confirm the authenticity of the person. who paid for the service, and preparing a response claim in the payment system where the payment was made.

4.5 In the event of a unilateral attempt to return the funds, these actions will be considered fraud in accordance with the US Criminal Code, and the CONTRACTOR has the right to provide IP and other personal information about the CUSTOMER to the relevant law enforcement authorities. authorities for further investigation.

5.1 This Agreement is valid from the moment of accepting the offer and making a purchase and is valid until January 31, 2021.

5.2 The term of the contract does not exempt the parties from fulfilling its conditions.

5.3 Any changes to the Agreement can be changed only by completing the Supplementary Agreement, the parties agree mutually, individually.

6.1 In the event of unforeseen circumstances: fire, natural disaster or other circumstances independent of the CONTRACTOR, the deadline to perform the services extends by duration of such circumstances.

6.2 If unforeseen circumstances delay the process of the order on the period more than 10 days, the CUSTOMER has the right to recover his funds in accordance with section 7 of this Contract.

7.1 All disputes that arise during the execution of services, have a procedure of solution in accordance with this contract, any attempt to violate this procedure shall be the responsibility in accordance with section 4 of this Contract.

7.2 In the event of a dispute the CUSTOMER is obliged to contact support, whose contacts can be found on the website or through leprestore.com operator who has provides consultation before making payment.

7.3 The CUSTOMER must provide: the name of Skype of the operator who served him, a problem which was formed, the volume of orders that had to be done, the volume of orders that had been done, the date of payment, the identity of the person who made the payment, a copy of the payment transaction.

7.4 In the case does not settle the dispute by negotiation within 72 hours the CUSTOMER may apply to the arbitration system of payment system which he used for payment of services or apply to the judicial authorities of the United States.

7.5 The CUSTOMER has the right to open a dispute within 30 days from the date of payment.

8.1 Any information provided by the client, as well as the text of messages in chat chats with the operator of the service https://honestboost.site/ , can be used by the service to provide an appeal.

8.2 Compensation is calculated based on the work performed by the CONTRACTOR. The CUSTOMER will receive in compensation the amount of the remaining unfulfilled part of the order at the price indicated on the website https://honestboost.site/ .
8.3 In the event of refusal of the service with the time appointed, the CUSTOMER has the right to receive compensation in the volume – 50% payment.
8.4 In case if order was not done by the fault of contractor, CUSTOMER has right to get a 100% compensation and no matter how much of the service was done.