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Mythic Plus (often referred to as Mythic+) represents an endlessly scalable dungeon difficulty in World of Warcraft. At its core, it's the same dungeon you're familiar with, but with a twist: introducing up to four modifying factors known as "affixes". These affixes ramp up the challenge, and they vary depending on the level of your Mythic+ keystone. Getting started is straightforward. After defeating the final boss in any Dragonflight expansion Mythic dungeon, you're awarded a level two Mythic+ keystone for a random dungeon. Yet, it's not just about heightened difficulty; time is of the essence. Each Mythic+ dungeon has its own countdown timer, typically 30 to 39 minutes. To initiate the run, insert the keystone into the urn at the dungeon's entrance. Completing the dungeon within the allotted time has its perks. Not only will your Mythic+ score increase, but you'll also be rewarded with superior gear upon completion. Furthermore, the speed of your completion dictates the upgrade of your keystone: finish swiftly and your keystone could jump by +1, +2, or even +3 levels! For instance, if you conquer a Mythic +15 dungeon within the time for a +1 bonus, the owner will receive a level +16 keystone as a reward. But the rewards don't stop there. Every week, the Great Vault awaits with bounties based on the highest keystone level you've accomplished during the prior week. Dive deeper into the Great Vault's intricacies in the following sections.


In each season of Dragonflight, Mythic+ Dungeons undergo a rotation. Blizzard's blueprint for this includes a mix of four dungeons from the latest expansion combined with four classics from past expansions. Here's a deeper dive into the eight dungeons featured in Dragonflight Season Three:
  1. Dawn of the Infinites: Galakrond's Fall: A climactic battle in the skies. Players face the resurrected dragon Galakrond, delving deep into the history of Azeroth's dragonflights.
  2. Dawn of the Infinites: Murozond's Rise: Twisted pathways of time. Players navigate the enigmatic time ways, confronting the corrupted Nozdormu, now known as Murozond.
  3. Darkheart Thicket: A foreboding forest in Val'sharah. This thorny maze requires adventurers to face off against corrupted nature spirits and reclaim the stolen essence of the archdruid
  4. Black Rook Hold: A haunted fortress in Val'sharah. Players ascend the keep, challenging the spirits of past elven heroes and uncovering the dark history of Lord Ravencrest.
  5. Waycrest Manor: An eerie mansion in Drustvar. The manor's halls hold dark rituals and cursed inhabitants, with the coven of witches at the heart of the corruption.
  6. Atal'Dazar: A golden pyramid in Zuldazar. Once a sacred burial site, players must stop the Blood Trolls and their dark god, G'huun, from desecrating this resting place of kings.
  7. Everbloom: A lush, overrun garden in Gorgrond.As nature retaliates against the Iron Horde's industrial menace, players face primal forces seeking to reclaim the land.
  8. Throne of the Tides: A submerged palace in Vashj'ir.Players plunge deep into the depths, confronting the Naga and their monstrous allies to thwart their invasion of the surface.


Mythic+ Dungeons introduce unique challenges through affixes, and each season presents its own set of dynamic changes. In Dragonflight Mythic+ Season Three, level 10 and above keystones come adorned with three affixes. For this overview, we won't delve into keystones below level 10. However, remember: the lower the keystone level, the fewer affixes it carries.
  Keystone Level 2 Affixes:
  • Tyrannical: Bosses boast increased health and heightened ability damage.
  • Fortified: Regular mobs are fortified with added health and damage amplification.
Keystone Level 7 Affixes:
  • Spiteful: Defeated mobs reincarnate as fiends, targeting random players.
  • Sanguine: When mobs perish, they leave behind pools of ichor, healing their allies and damaging players.
  • Bursting: Upon death, mobs erupt, bestowing players with a stacking damage-over-time effect.
  • Bolstering: A defeated mob invigorates its nearby allies, enhancing their damage and health.
  • Raging: As their health dwindles, mobs enter a rage, amplifying their damage output. 
Keystone Level 14 Affixes:
  • Incorporeal: Phantom entities occasionally emerge in combat, diminishing player damage and healing output.
  • Afflicted: In the heat of battle, Afflicted Souls materialize, bearing poison, curse, and disease. Alleviating these afflictions or healing them makes them vanish. Neglect them, and players suffer adverse effects.
  • Entangling: Battles sporadically produce entangling vines that ensnare players.
  • Explosive: Combat can give rise to explosive orbs. Failure to neutralize them leads to an explosive backlash against players.
  • Storming: Swirling whirlwinds manifest during skirmishes, posing a threat to any player they contact.


When Mythic+ Dungeons were first introduced during the Legion expansion, players quickly established the RIO Score — a rating system that acknowledged their efforts in completing Mythic+ challenges. This system, accessible through an in-game addon, gave players an immediate insight into fellow gamers' experiences.   Though the RIO Score remains popular, Shadowlands' 9.1 patch introduced its in-game rating system: the Mythic+ Score. While its calculation method may differ, its purpose aligns closely with its predecessor.   Mythic+ Score not only paves the way for achievements like the Seasonal Keystone Master or Conqueror but also amplifies your appeal when seeking groups in LFG. For newcomers, attaining a respectable score can be daunting. That's where Honest Boost steps in, offering a suite of Mythic+ Boost Carry Services to give players the edge they seek. For a more precise understanding, refer to the table below detailing the intricacies of the Mythic+ Score:  
Key Level Mythic+ Rating
10 150
11 157.5
12 165
13 172.5
14 180
15 187.5
16 195
17 202.5
18 210
19 217.5
20 225
21 232.5
22 240


Participating in Mythic+ dungeons offers a host of rewards. Completing Mythic+,  a team is entitled to two gear pieces from the end-of-dungeon chest. However, if the timer is out, one of these rewards will be of a lower item level. Hence, beating the timer whenever possible is crucial to maximize gains. Additionally, players can select one item from the Weekly Great Vault based on their completed objectives. To get a clearer picture of the potential rewards, refer to the item level table showcasing the end-of-dungeon chest and the Great Vault rewards:  
Keystone Level End of Dungeon Great Vault
Mythic+ 2 441 ilvl 454 ilvl
Mythic+ 3 444 ilvl 457 ilvl
Mythic+ 4 444 ilvl 460 ilvl
Mythic+ 5 447 ilvl 460 ilvl
Mythic+ 6 447 ilvl 463 ilvl
Mythic+ 7 450 ilvl 463 ilvl
Mythic+ 8 450 ilvl 467 ilvl
Mythic+ 9 454 ilvl 467 ilvl
Mythic+ 10 454 ilvl 470 ilvl
Mythic+ 11 457 ilvl 470 ilvl
Mythic+ 12 457 ilvl 473 ilvl
Mythic+ 13 460 ilvl 473 ilvl
Mythic+ 14 460 ilvl 473 ilvl
Mythic+ 15 463 ilvl 476 ilvl
Mythic+ 16 463 ilvl 476 ilvl
Mythic+ 17 467 ilvl 476 ilvl
Mythic+ 18 467 ilvl 480 ilvl
Mythic+ 19 470 ilvl 480 ilvl
Mythic+ 20 470 ilvl 483 ilvl


Within the challenges of Mythic+, there lie hidden nuances often overlooked. These features, known to seasoned players, can greatly enhance gameplay and results. Venturing into Mythic+? Unearthing these secrets can be a game-changer.


In the realm of Mythic+ runs, unpredictability reigns. Players frequently find themselves with repeat dungeons or perhaps ones they'd rather avoid. Recognizing this challenge, the game developers introduced the keystone rolling system, a feature that persists even in the Dragonflight expansion.   Upon completing a dungeon, players can engage with a specific NPC, who, in turn, offers the team a one-time opportunity to swap their current key for a fresh one. This system ensures a more tailored experience, allowing players to vary their dungeon runs and avoid redundancy.   This very feature empowers Honest Boost teams to efficiently offer the Specific Keystones option in our array of Mythic+ Boost Services.


The "Class Meta" is a prevailing trend in the gaming universe. Players incessantly quest for the most potent and streamlined class and specialization, leading to ever-shifting preferences. As developers adjust and tweak game balances, the meta invariably evolves in response.   However, the class meta comes with its pitfalls. Typically, only a handful of specializations for each Mythic+ role earn the coveted "meta" status at any given time. Consequently, those not fitting the current meta might find themselves sidelined and often overlooked for LFG (Looking For Group) invitations.   But with Honest Boost, such nuances fade into the background. Regardless of class or spec, every player is treated with the same unwavering commitment to excellence. At Honest Boost, everyone gets a fair shot, and our Mythic+ teams ensure top-notch service for all our customers.


Planning a strategic route is paramount for excelling in Mythic+ runs. Since routes shift weekly based on affixes and are influenced by team composition and player preferences, the onus is on the players to adapt accordingly.   Veteran players meticulously blueprint their route, factoring in which mobs to engage, pinpointing moments for using invisibility potions, leveraging the rogue's "Shroud" ability, or executing a 'deathrun.' This precision planning enables teams to sidestep problematic mobs, keep trash percentages in check, and discern the opportune moments for bursts or conservation of abilities.   For this purpose, the "Method Dungeon Tools (MDT)" addon reigns supreme. Its robust features aid in designing optimal pathways. It's worth noting that Honest Boost teams employ the crème de la crème of routes to facilitate Mythic+ Dungeon services. Partnering with us guarantees success and offers a chance to glean invaluable insights.


Mythic+ has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of PvE content, holding a special place in players' hearts. The seed of Mythic+ was sown in the "Warlords of Draenor" expansion, introducing players to the concept of time-bound Mythic Dungeons. However, it wasn't until the "Legion" expansion that Mythic+ truly blossomed.   Across various expansions such as "Legion," "BFA," "Shadowlands," and "Dragonflight," the feature underwent numerous refinements. Developers recalibrated its balance, introduced new affixes while phasing out some, revamped rewards and achievements, and integrated the Mythic + Score and Items Upgrade Systems. The end product? A robust content segment that challenges players, letting them outfit their avatars and vie for top spots on the Mythic+ Class and Spec leaderboards.   But what is it about Mythic+ that resonates so profoundly with players? A part of its appeal undoubtedly springs from the rigors of Raid content. Traditional Raids mandated larger player assemblies and demanded significant time investments for each run. In contrast, Mythic+ offers a condensed experience. Players can team up with a close-knit group of friends or guildmates, embarking on swift yet rewarding adventures. The cherry on top is Mythic+'s dynamic nature, ensuring that no two runs feel the same, keeping the gameplay fresh and invigorating.  


After our comprehensive breakdown of how Mythic+ functions, let's delve into the top-tier services offered by Honest Boost. While we'll touch upon the most sought-after services here, a full list is available on our website.


Did you know the Weekly Great Vault rewards you with better loot from Mythic+ dungeons? The rewards have higher item levels than the end-of-dungeon chest loot. You can also choose an item based on your completed objectives to increase your chances of getting the best-in-slot (BIS) item. Beating the timer is unnecessary for the Weekly Run, and you can save money with the Weekly Mythic+ Carry Service without the additional Beating the timer option.


If you want to gear your character, a Mythic+ Carry Service with other players with the same armor type is a great option. These players are called loot traders, and if you choose this option, you'll have a better chance of getting equipment that's perfect for your class and specialization. It's a great way to equip your character quickly and efficiently!


When you've mastered Mythic+ up to +20 level, a new world of challenges opens up - the High-Level Mythic+ Keys. With this new level, you can test your skills, reach the game's highest level, and even compete with friends and other players on leaderboards. Each run with Honest Boost teams is led by professionals who can teach you new skills and techniques, and you don't have to worry about anyone ruining your run. Our High-Level Mythic+ Carry Service is designed to be fast and smooth every time.


Each season offers a chance to earn cool rewards like unique titles or mounts that won't be available once the season ends. If you're looking for a popular service, check out Dragonflight Keystone Master Carry Service. This service can help you earn the Verdant Armoredon mount. We also offer other popular services like Dragonflight Keystone Conqueror Boost Carry and Dragonflight Keystone Hero Boost Carry. Our Mythic+ Boost teams are always ready to assist you and make your gameplay experience more enjoyable.


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