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The existing currencies in Wow Dragonflight are extremely diverse, so we should take a closer look at them. There are few PvP currencies in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight at the moment:
  1. Honor Points
  2. Conquest Points
  3. Bloody Tokens
  4. Mark of Honor
Each of the currencies will be useful to you in different situations. Honor Points and Bloody tokens are the most effective currency at the start of the season, in the middle and end of the season you will only need Conquest, but if you are interested in outdated content, then Marks of Honor will always come in handy.


There are two definitions of honor: earned in rated and non-rated PvP. What's the difference? The only thing that matters about rated honor is our Great Vault reward. With having one reward from Great Vault, you need to farm 1250 honor points in rated PvP. For two items to choose you need to farm 2500. And for three items there is a 5000 honor points requirement in rated PvP. Honor Points - currency for buying starter PvP gear 437 PvP ilvl. Main source of Honor Points are Random Battlegrounds. Notice the current cap of honor points is 15000, but for Full Honor Gear you only need ~11000 Honor Points.


Conquest Points - currency for buying elite-pvp gear. Conquest Gear is 450 PvP ilvl, which is the best PvP equipment. Speaking about Conquest, we have a weekly cap of 550, but every week the total cap increases until it is canceled in the middle of the season. There are many ways to get Conquest Points, like: Rated Arena, Rated Battleground, daily wins of RBG or Arena and weekly PvP quest. The most efficient way to farm Conquest points is Arena 3v3 and Rated Battlegrounds. 


Bloody tokens are the base PvP currency that you will need at the start of the PvP season to buy the best equipment. When Conquest Gear is not available yet or cap small, you can buy Bloody Tokens Gear 434 PvP ilvl and upgrade it to 447 PvP ilvl for Trophy of Strife which is much better than Honor Gear. Also Bloody Token Gear has great set bonuses. There are few ways to get Bloody tokens: Weekly Quests, Daily Quests, PvP World Quests, War Supply Chest, Headhunting, or Killing players of the opposite faction. You will need ~4700 Bloody tokens for Full Gear and ~97 Trophy of Strife for upgrade.


Mark of Honor - currency for buying transmogrification of old PvP content. You also can purchase some healing, invise or defensive potions on Random Battlegrounds using this currency. You receive Marks of Honor for winning Random Battlegrounds and Arenas. Tons of Transmogrification are waiting for you, with a huge variety of appearances if you have a decent amount of Marks of Honor. You can check elite-pvp sets and weapons of previous expansion seasons in Dalaran and Area-52 locations.


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