Refund Policy

By making a payment on the website of our service and purchasing services, you automatically agree to this “Refund policy”.

If you have any questions regarding the return policy or you want to create a request for a refund, you can contact us using the information below.

HonestBoost LLC

1225 S Weller St.

Apt. 101

City of Seattle, WA 98144

United states

We review request within 48 hours. Period for the refund and / or exchange of purchased services is 21 days from the date of payment. The exact time depends on the specific payment systems. HonestBoost LLC cannot influence this process. The commission is not refunds.

If you purchased the wrong service or changed your mind and don’t want to receive the ordered service in more than 24 hours of its launch, we are committed to finding a solution that will satisfy you or your needs or fully refund your money. If your order has already started, and you want to cancel it, you are entitled to a partial refund.

We ask you to remember that the set time of the event can be changed, and the reservation of the place can be canceled only if you inform us of your desire 24 hours before the event. If you miss an appointed event without notice, you will not be provided with another event, and payment will not be refunded for a missed event. This is due to the fact that when we reserve a place for you in our event (with or without loot for your chosen class / specialization), the team / guild / raid-static can no longer take another client in this place, reserved for you, and booster will receive payment for this place. If you have any force majeure circumstances, you can always authorize our driver on your account so that he can join the event you have appointed to fulfill your order. In this case, driver will apply all possible security measures for your account.

If for some reason you do not want to complete the order and want to stop it, but the service has not been completed, we will provide a partial refund, depending on the work done by the booster. For example, if a booster has performed 50%, then we will provide 50% as compensation.

Sometimes unforeseen situations may arise, if for any reason we can’t fulfill your order, we will offer ways to solve the problem.

We can offer you another service not exceeding the price of the service already paid. If you choose another service that is cheaper, we will refund you the difference between the two prices.

Or we will refund 100% of the amount you paid. Please note that if the service was partially implemented, then a refund will be provided partially. For example, if the booster performed 50%, then we will return 50% in compensation.